Feasibility study next step for indoor pool

In an ongoing matter with the Bode Howard Memorial Pool, the Winnemucca City Council has determined that a feasibility study is the next appropriate step with determining the future of aquatics in Winnemucca. The city will seek bids for a feasibility study. 

Winnemucca City Manager Alicia Heiser said the feasibility study will focus on public outreach to determine what the community would like and whether a new, larger facility will be economically sustainable in Winnemucca. 

A request for proposals (RFP) will be the next step to find out what the total cost of a feasibility study will be. The city has budgeted $100,000 for the project with county sharing 40% of the cost due to the cost-sharing agreement between the city and county, although Heiser estimates it won’t cost that much. 

A new, larger facility will likely cost more than renovating the current pool, as well as costs to operate and maintain it but will have the ability to hold large events and swim meets, whereas the current facility does not meet specifications to be able to do so. 

After determining how to move forward with the facility, the city will be tasked with determining an appropriate route to fund the plan, whether it be renovations to the current facility or constructing a brand new facility and if so, where the new facility would be located.