Lake Township Justice Court

Several criminal cases passed through Judge Jim Shirley’s 11th Judicial Courtroom on Monday, May 20.

Francisco Guillermo Meyers Grisolia, from Manhattan, came to court for a sentencing hearing on charges of possession of a controlled substance. Jenny Hubach, from Reno, defended him. 

Grisolia will enroll in the Pershing County out of state drug court. His court-supervised probation will not exceed 364 days.

Matthew Dylan Koehler, 21, came to court from jail for a sentencing hearing. At his arraignment, he pleaded guilty to burglary. 

He broke into the home through a window. 

At an earlier hearing, the victim came to court and testified about how the crime affected her life. 

She said she’d given Koehler the benefit of the doubt and tried to help him.

“Growing up in foster care was not easy,” said Koehler before the judge passed sentence. “I’ve been through a lot of troubling times, and I feel remorse. 

My mental health was triggered. I did not want to hurt the victim or break the sanctity of her home.”

Judge Shirley had issued bench warrants to transport Koehler from out-of-state to face charges in Pershing County. 

Koehler must pay $4,372 to the court for the cost of the two extraditions. The judge gave Koehler 12-72 months in prison with 216 days credit for time served.

The defendant must also pay $250 restitution to the victim.

“You seem like a nice young man, but you made some poor choices, and choices have consequences,” said the judge.

James Allen Holland, 32, came to court from jail for an arraignment. He faced gross misdemeanor charges of battery on a peace officer.

Holland admitted that on March 25, 2019, he spat in the officer’s eye. He faces up to 364 days in jail, a $2,000 fine or a combination of both.

Probation is a possibility.  The court sentences Holland on July 15. In the meantime, the judge remanded him to the custody of the sheriff.

Michael John Schwarzenberg came to court for a pretrial conference. He faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and the abuse, neglect or endangerment of a child. 

David Neidert, from Fallon, represents Schwarzenberg. The defendant’s prior counsel, Troy Jordan, withdrew from the case to take another job.

The defendant will stand trial October 21 through October 25.

Javier Flores Valtierra Jr. came to court from the state prison in Carson City. Steve Cochran represented him on charges of violating the conditions of probation. 

Kyle Swanson, from Winnemucca, defended Valtierra for the unlawful use of a controlled substance.

Swanson and Cochran asked the judge to reinstate Valtierra’s probation. They each advocated for drug court as a condition. The prosecution argued that the risk to the community was too great and said, based on his history, Valtierra was a poor candidate for supervision.

The judge postponed the sentencing until June 17. He wants more information about the defendant’s legal history. Questions arose about his credit for time served. Valtierra will remain in custody in the Pershing County jail until the hearing.

Jose Luis Valtierra II came to court for a status hearing.  Steve Cochran requested his client’s early discharge from probation for the possession of a controlled substance.

Cochran entered a four-page document showing community service, payment receipts and a treatment certificate from New Frontier.

DDA Todd Banks had no objection to Valtierra’s early release. The judge discharged the defendant from probation. 

Pamela Marie Murphy, 47, from Portland, Oregon, came to court from jail for an arraignment hearing. She pleaded no contest to charges of possessing a controlled substance, diazepam. DA Bryce Shields represented the State of Nevada. Cochran represented Murphy. 

Shields explained that Murphy faces the possibility of one to four years in prison for the Category E felony. She also faces fines of up to $5,000 and is eligible for probation. 

The judge will sentence the defendant on July 15.

Cole Lewis Stremler, 24, stands accused of sexual assault. He denies the charges. Theresa Ristenpart, from Reno, represents the defendant. DDA Todd Banks argues on behalf of the State of Nevada. On Monday Stremler came to court for a Petrocelli hearing.

In a Petrocelli hearing a judge must decide if the prosecution can introduce evidence of “prior bad acts” into a jury trial. The court heard testimony from the alleged victim, 17. Both of her adoptive parents also testified. The defendant is their biological son. The judge listened to both sides of the bench and said he’d decide by Friday, May 24.

Stremler’s eight-day jury trial begins on May 29.