Winnemucca Police Blotter

On June 13, HCSO arrested Katrina Ellifritz, age 36, on attempted home invasion, possession of methamphetamine, possession of dangerous drugs without a prescription and domestic battery first offense.        Bail $30,500. 

On June 17, WPD arrested Mercedes Thompson, age 26, on domestic battery first offense and possession of a controlled substance.  

On June 17, WPD arrested Emily Arellano Ramirez, age 32, on felony assault with a deadly weapon. 

 Bail $20,000. 

On June 19, HCSO arrested Jessie Chapman, age 33, on misdemeanor intoxicated pedestrian/animal rider on roadway.                      Bail $195. 

On June 19, HCSO arrested Nathan Ray Odoms, age 33, on a gross misdemeanor warrant arrest for violation of a temporary protective order for stalking/harassment. 

                         Bail $2,500. 

On June 19, WPD arrested Mitchell Zollinger, age 38, on misdemeanor petit larceny. Bail $1,495. 

On June 19, NHP arrested David Chris Fuqua, age 49, on an other jurisdiction warrant. Bail $200. 

On June 20, WPD arrested Hawk Urban, age 22, on misdemeanor public intoxication. 

      Bail $335. 

On June 20, HCSO arrested Hawk Urban, age 22, on felony battery by prisoner/battery on a police officer.   

 Bail $40,000. 

On June 21, HCSO arrested Brandon Garza, age 23, on a felony probation violation warrant. 

     No bail.

On June 23, NHP arrested Rodney W. Armstrong, age 56, on driving under the influence first offense, basic speed 11-20 and no valid driver’s license.