Recall Sisolak Rally draws a crowd

Recall Sisolak Rally draws a crowd

Recall Sisolak Rally draws a crowd

A peaceful crowd of about 40 people showed up at Pioneer Park north of Winnemucca last Saturday to show their support for efforts to recall Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak. 

The rally was organized by Angela Blass, President of the group “Fight for Nevada.” In addition to the rally, there was a march on Winnemucca Boulevard to drum up support for the recall.

The group believes the Governor and Democratically controlled state legislature have passed several bills that infringe on the rights of Nevadans. 

“So, our goals are to recall Governor Sisolak and his unconstitutional bills,” Angela Blass told the crowd. “We’re here today to stand up against the corruption that has approached our doorstep. Some of the bills Sisolak has signed after being voted are not to better Nevada,” she said. 

Blass explained the recall process saying that the group must send a letter of intent to the Nevada Secretary of State. Once the letter has been received, the group has 90 days to gather signatures for the recall. Only those voters who voted in the 2018 election can sign the petition. According to Blass, in order to recall the Governor, each county must have 25% of the voters to have signed the petition. 

According to the Nevada Secretary of State website, Humboldt County had a total of 5,562 voters who turned out for the 2018 election.  Humboldt County would need approximately 1,390 signatures for the recall petition. 

The group intends to rally in all 17 counties. “We have to,” she said. “People have to know that other people care about them.” 

 The organizers of the recall hope to submit the letter of intent in November.