Humboldt General Hospital board in brief —

On Tuesday June 25, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. Humboldt General Hospital Board of Trustees held a regular meeting. Board chairman JoAnn Casalez and board member Jennifer Hood were absent from the meeting and were not a part of the voting quorum for agenda items. Board member Bill Hammargren attended the board meeting via phone for the action items on the agenda and was a part of the voting quorum. 

• The board voted unanimously to renew the Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (NPAIP) liability insurance program for fiscal year 2019-2020 following a presentation by A & H Insurance Sales Executive Marianne Dente at a total annual program cost of $289,757.09. 

• The board voted unanimously to approve a total budget augmentation of $2,000,000 with variances in several operating expense categories including salaries and wages, employee benefits, contract labor, professional contracts, equipment maintenance, travel, meals, education and other expenses following a presentation by Chief Financial Officer Sandi Lehman. 

• The board voted unanimously to approve the purchase of a Biochemgard exhaust biosafety cabinet (Pharmacy Hood) for the pharmacy department to provide a sterile, non-hazardous environment for the preparation of intravenous solutions and medications per staff recommendation. 

• The board voted unanimously to reject submitted bids to purchase a fluoroscopy and digital radiography system for the radiology department. HGH CEO Karen Cole reported that there may be equipment available that meets current specifications at a significant cost savings with more versatility than the quotes received and that it would be in the best interest of utilization of public funds to put the project out to bid again. 

• The board voted unanimously to purchase an 8,000 pound rated refurbished forklift for the materials management department to replace the current forklift that has a rating of 3,300 pounds. Staff reported that the department routinely carries pallets at approximately 5,000 pounds and believes that it is unsafe to do so with the current equipment. The new forklift will have an enclosed cab, whereas the current one is open with no covered parking. Staff estimates the new forklift to not exceed $25,000 and to be able to recover $2,000 by selling the current forklift. 

• The board voted unanimously to enter into an employment agreement with Rommel Adajar, M.D. to provide family practice physician health care services. Adajar is expected to be available in October to begin practicing internal medicine at HGH. 

• The board voted unanimously for a ratification of employment agreement with Robert Westling, M.D. to provide resident physician supervision services for the Resident Clinic and Walk-In Clinic. The board also voted unanimously to use the professional services of and enter into an employment agreement with Westling to provide medical director services for Harmony Manor and Quail Corner long-term health care facilities. 

• The board voted unanimously to authorize termination of the memorandum of understanding between Humboldt General Hospital EMS and the City of Reno to provide Reno Fire Department with two reserve ambulances. HGH EMS Chief Sean Burke explained that in 2016 HGH transferred two reserve ambulances units to the Reno Fire Department for use as they reinvigorated their EMS program in exchange for additional training such as ropes rescue and hazmat. 

Burke said that as things have redeveloped with the annual Burning Man event, the department needs to recover those units for use at the event. 

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