Lovelock plays ball

Lovelock plays ball

Lovelock plays ball

The Lovelock Softball Association has teamed up to help one of their own. During last Thursday’s games, an athlete experienced health issues.

“No details will be given about what happened as we wish to respect the family’s privacy,” said Jared Jensen, the president of the co-ed adult league.

But Jensen and the other board members hope to pitch in with assistance.

“We will raffle off items during the July 3 games,” said Jensen. “All proceeds will go to the player and his family.”

At the start of the season, each team chose a catchy name. They include Jim’s Point S, Swamp Donkeys, Brew Crew, Thick-N-Wild, Sandlot Junkies, Modelo Time, Cowtippers, Weekend Warriors and Spring Break.

Every Monday and Thursday night, as the desert sun sets behind the mountains, nine teams compete at McDougal Field. 

The games start at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. Nearby, children climb on the playground equipment. Volunteers staff the concession booth.

By the end of the season, the club’s second, each team will have played 16 games. 

The year culminates with a single elimination tournament on Friday, July 26. Officials will determine its seeding based on each team's end-of-season records.

So far, it’s anyone’s game. None of the teams are undefeated and they’ve all won at least one skirmish. 

“I expect a lot of movement before long,” said Jensen. “There is no clear better or worst team at the softball fields.”

Time will tell.