Lander County Sheriff's Report

On June 7th,  Joseph Lyle Cross was arrested for domestic battery by strangulation.

On June 8th,  Jose Manuel Andrade was arrested for battery/domestic violence.

On June 11th,  Martin Ian Larsen was arrested for 1) convicted sex offender fail to register, 2) resist public officer, 3) DUI, above legal limit (2nd), 4) driving with license suspended, 5) injury to other property.

On June 11th,  Joseph Roy Malone was arrested for minor consuming alcohol.

On June 12th,  Shanae Lynn Pettigrew was arrested for 1) possession of methamphetamine, 2) possession of drug paraphernalia, 3) burglary, 4) possession of stolen property, 5) possession of hypodermic device.

On June 13th,  Richard Thomas Tucker was arrested for 1) petit larceny, 2) trespass.

On June 14th,  Larry Duane Remington JR was arrested for 1) proof of insurance required, 2) unregistered vehicle, 3) open alcohol container in vehicle, 4) drive when lic/reg suspended, 5) proof of insurance required.