Auxiliary donation, staff effort result in new van for Harmony Manor residents

Auxiliary donation, staff effort result in  new van for Harmony Manor residents

Auxiliary donation, staff effort result in new van for Harmony Manor residents

WINNEMUCCA — Robin Moore jokes that she might never write another grant.

“It was probably my first and last,” she quipped of the $83,000 Nevada Department of Transportation grant that helped fund a new van for Humboldt General Hospital’s Harmony Manor Skilled Nurse and Residential Care Community.

Still, as the long-term care activities director showed off the state-of-the art vehicle, Moore was very appreciative of the result and also of the Humboldt Hospital Auxiliary—which donated approximately $15,000 in seed money to fund the grant.

The Auxiliary is an all-volunteer service organization whose donations are designed to help further Humboldt General Hospital’s healthcare mission. The Poke ‘N’ Peek is the organization’s main source of income; volunteers also serve in various capacities within the hospital. 

Moore not only mentioned the Auxiliary’s kindness in stepping up with the needed seed money, but she also remarked that that donated money represents a great deal of effort and sacrifice on the part of volunteers. 

“I know how hard they work,” she said, “so this means even that much more because of the care that has gone into providing these funds.”

The new van is state-of-the-art through and through. It can be configured various ways to allow seating for up to 13 people; it can also accommodate up to three residents in wheelchairs. 

The van sports a climate control system to help maintain a comfortable cabin environment. An air ride system helps cushion any bumps in the road, and the vehicle’s navigation system helps reduce driver distractions and provide optimum route options. Backup cameras and other extras, like an on-board microphone system, will also help ensure residents’ safety and comfort.

Moore said the van is actually a public transit vehicle, but because it will be used for the hospital, the dealer traded out otherwise standard public signage and equipment and offered HGH a credit.

“So we were able to put in all these extras and still come in under budget,” said Moore. 

The van will be put into use very quickly to transport residents to lunch, to the movies, to their shopping appointments or to whatever destination they wish. 

“We are so excited to have this new addition,” said Moore. “Just like any new family, we are thrilled to have a new vehicle and to be able to enjoy all these new perks.”