Humboldt County Commission meeting in brief —

Summary of the June 17 Humboldt County Commission meeting

On June 17, 2019, the Humboldt County Commissioners approved the following agenda items: 

• Approved an Abandonment request from Kathryn Lecumberry to abandon utility easements appearing on the following maps: parcel Map #1997-08049 and lying between Parcels A and B, B and C, and C and D; Parcel Map #2006-5180 and lying between Parcels D1 and D2 and lying between Parcel D1 and Parcel C of Parcel Map #1997-08049 or the westerly boundary of Parcel D1; Parcel Map #2019-00487 and lying between Parcels Amended D1 and D2. 

• Approved an Abandonment request from Humboldt County Building Official Bobby Thomas to delete Humboldt County Code (HCC) Chapter 15.08 “Gas Service Code” consisting of sections 15.08.010 through 15.08.290 as they are outdated provisions that are now covered under HCC 15.04.050 the Plumbing Code.

• Approved a Set to Public Hearing for a request to adopt a Business Impact Statement, an amendment of Humboldt County Code, Title 15, specifically, Chapter 15.04 based on adoption of the 2018 International codes, other related codes, local amendments, providing penalties for violations thereof, an increase of 25% of Building Valuation Data Table Dated 1/1/14 from International Code Council (ICC), an increase of the rates and fees associated with said codes beginning at $51.75.

 • Approved a Set to Public Hearing for a request an Abandonment application submitted by James Garland to abandon the 30’ wide easement running along the east side of his parcel, a 1,321.23’ portion of Stargate Road; assessor’s parcel number 05-0496-08.

• Approved the annual Performance Evaluation of County Manager Dave Mendiola and subsequent decision regarding a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and Merit increase for Fiscal Year 2018-2019.

• Approved the Nevada Department of Transportation Annual Work Program, including a request to validate the top two road projects that are of concern of the Humboldt County Commission.  

• Approved resolutions to augment the fiscal year 2018-2019 budgets of the General Fund in the amount of $59,000; Regional Transportation Fund in the amount of $60,000; Administrative Assessment/Justice Court Facilities Fund in the amount of $16,000; Assessor’s Technology Fund in the amount of $100,000; Capital Projects in the amount of $350,000; In Lieu of Tax Fund in the amount of $350,000 in order to appropriate previously unbudgeted resources.

•  Approved the resolution Cost of Living Adjustments and Merit (COLA) Increases for appointed officials and Cost of Living Adjustments for all other employees for the 2019-2020 fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019.

• Approved a proposal from Brad Schultz, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Educator Professor to spend down the Cooperative Extension Ending Fund Balance, including projects that will repair current maintenance issues and upgrade critical parts of the Cooperative Extension facility to provide enhanced opportunities for serving Humboldt County citizens.

• Approved the request to authorize the Human Resources Department to hire for two positions previously approved for recruitment by the Board of Commissioners on April 15, 2019. The positions include one Technology Support Technician I, II, III position and one Communications Technician I, II, III position.

• Approved staff to pursue leasing an office at 26 East Haskell Street, Suite D, which would house Human Services. The rent would not exceed $12,000 per year

• Approved the Humboldt County Library’s request to accept the proposal from Michael Clay Construction to make external repairs and column repairs to the Denio Library annex. 

• Approved and accepted the renewal proposal from the Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool, including a payment from the fiscal year 2019-2020.

• Approved the request from State 4-H Program Director Carrie Stark to reserve the Humboldt County Shooting Park from Thursday, October 3 through Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day in order to host the State 4-H Shooting Sports match.

• Approved a retainer agreement between Humboldt County and the Law Firm of Allison Mackenzie regarding representation of Humboldt County in connection with any independent investigation. 

The Commission tabled the following agenda item:

• A request to assess the current septic system at the Humboldt County Trap Club and plan to connect that system, if possible, to the new building being built on the site of the Humboldt County Trap Club in an amount not to exceed $5,000.

• A request to upgrade the Humboldt County Trap Club septic system. 

• A letter of support for Marigold Mine related to its Mackay Optimization Environmental Impact Statement. The commission requested more information regarding the project. 

• A discussion and possible action related to state legislation concerning firearms passed during the 2019 Nevada State Legislative session.

• A request to increase the Wells Fargo Credit Card limit from $10,000 to $25,000 and include three additional cardholders to be added due to the increased need to purchase supplies and software licenses online. The two additional cards will be for Ric Grantham in the Communications and IT Departments, Matt Stermitz in the Public Defender's Office, and Michael Macdonald in the District Attorney's office due to the greater need to bring in witnesses for jury trials and other training related needs. The County will update its credit card policy.

The Commission heard reports from the following:

• An update to replace the roof at the Humboldt County Adult Detention Center. The commission also approved the bid proposal from Michael Clay Construction. 

• A presentation from Assistant County Manager Abel del Real-Nava regarding enhancements to the County Commission Meeting Room. Specific enhancements include, but not limited to, mounting sound boards to various walls and windows to improve acoustics, new chairs and City, County and State seals to be mounted at various locations at the Humboldt County Court House. 

• An update from Assistant County Manager Abel Real-Nava regarding the search for a new Public Works Director. The search has narrowed the field to four possible candidates.