Creative recycling workshop planned

People in the habit of recycling their trash see it as a mundane but essential part of life. As the recycle markets fluctuate, however, there’s no guarantee their garbage will actually be recycled.

An upcoming workshop could motivate recyclers to transform their own trash into art or useful items. Or, the event could inspire anyone to generate a little income by recycling their trash.

The free “Art from Recyclables” workshop will feature an expert in making artwork out of trash.

Deborah Munk is Director of the Artists in Residence Program at Recology in San Francisco, California. The program hires artists to transform garbage into fine art objects for public display. 

Munk will explain the history and community impacts of AIR. The program “changes the way people think about consumption and changes their habits” according to the workshop flyer that shows Munk and a model wearing “Rothy’s Shoes” made from recycled plastic water bottles.

The flip side of the flyer shows a young girl showing off what appears to be a layered paper dress.

In a recent segment for PBS, Munk explained that the artists create public gallery installations from items salvaged from the waste stream at Recology. The resident artists receive stipends, studio space and exhibitions of their work are held at the end of residency.

“Recology believes that art plays a unique role in educating and inspiring the public,” explains the company’s website. “By supporting artists who create work from materials that have been thrown away, the Recology AIR programs encourage us to see discarded materials in a new light and reflect on our own consumption practices.”

Scheduled for Saturday, July 13 at the Pershing County Community Center in Lovelock, the free workshop will feature examples of recycled art created by Recology artists. Local residents are invited to show off their recycled creations according to the flier for the event.

“Bring something you’ve made from Recyclables, for display. Creativity is Contagious!”

Workshop organizer Gail Munk said so far he’ll have three examples of creative recycling by locals to be displayed at the workshop. He’s hoping for more, within limits of course.

“Remember, you are encouraged to bring items for display that have been made from recycled material. Nothing larger than a sofa please and all must be static displays!” he explained. “You are responsible for getting the item in and out of the PCCC Seven Troughs room. There will be a few tables and adequate floor space for display. Please respect the new floor and carpet.” 

Munk also said he needs to know how many people plan to attend the workshop from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. as well as the meet-and-greet brunch, that morning at 10 a.m. at Temptations.

Please RSVP by June 28 by calling Munk at 775-273-2090 or email him at

Again, the workshop is free and is sponsored by the Big Meadow Recycling Center in Lovelock.