Four graduate from intense nurse residency program

Four graduate from intense  nurse residency program

Four graduate from intense nurse residency program

WINNEMUCCA —  On Friday, May 17, Humboldt General Hospital celebrated four new nurses who came through a robust year-long clinical orientation and professional development program with flying colors.

Two years ago, Humboldt General Hospital began the 12-month Nurse Residency Program to both educate and support new graduate nurses and nurses transitioning to a new area of practice, and according to HGH Nurse Educator Tina Wilson, it has been an amazing success. 

“The program is meant to be intensive,” she said, “and that means it requires a lot of effort, both from our graduates and from their support staff.”  

Wilson said she has been very impressed with graduates from the program so far. “This is our second team of graduates since we began and I just want to thank the girls for their hard work and all the staff that have supported them.”

May 17, Jessica Grannis (ER), Marina Lopez (Acute Department), Melissa Jimenez (OB) and Bianca Garcia (OR) were recognized during the hospital’s annual “Employee Recognition Dinner.”

According to HGH Chief Nursing Officer Darlene Bryan, who presented the nurses with a graduation certificate and flowers, the young women not only took advantage of all the clinical and professional development opportunities available through the program, but they each completed a major capstone project that will help their fellow nurses improve patient care. 

The program includes a structured clinical orientation where nurse residents take part in education through simulation, skills days and subject matter presentations based on nationally recognized best practices.

Additionally, nurse residents participate in professional development where they explore their roles as nurses as well as how to integrate nursing theory into their everyday practice. 

According to Wilson, goal-setting and accountability are foundational to the program’s success.

Now that the four nurses have successfully completed their residency, Wilson said they graduate to staff level at Humboldt General Hospital; they also may have the opportunity to precept future generations of new or transitioning nurses.

“We are very proud of these girls and their amazing progress over the past year,” said Wilson. “Graduating from nursing school is just the first step toward becoming a nurse. The next step is to understand you have a lifetime of learning ahead of you, and for us at HGH, that begins with the nurse residency program.”