“Truth, lies and injustices”

“Truth, lies and injustices”

“Truth, lies and injustices”

I’m sitting here looking at my totally honest Mother’s picture, taken when she was about one year old. Mom was born on september 20, 1897, in Blue Rodge Texas. 

Mama was the most honest person I have ever known. In her 88 years on polluted planet earth, at least in her adulthood, I would bet the farm mama never told a lie. And she did everything she could to instill that trait to her children. 

She would say, the truth always does more good. A lie is always a lie, no matter what. A white lie is a lie. A half truth is a lie. A little lie is a lie. Herei is one some of you may not agree with. 

Withholding the truth is a lie. Mama believed all that, and better yet, she lived it. 

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world, if everyone lived by Mama’s set of values? 

Probably for about 60 years now, I have been hearing this discouraging statement. Tell a lie often enough, people will start believing it. Some people, maybe, but not my Mama, nor anyone with her honesty. You cudda told my Mama a lie a million times, and if she believed it a lie in the beginning, it would always be a lie. Mama could not be brainwashed, like so many folks are today. Especially in politics. 

I remember the first politician I saw on television who was lying. Folks knew the sucker was lying, he knew they knew This was in the early 50’s, about the time Telly was first available for home use. He kept pounding that lie about his political opponent, kinda like today. 

We had a black and white Telly, along with nightly neighbors helping us watch the limited programs. One night a neighbor said he believed what the liar was saying. I was amazed, since early on, he thought the lie was a lie. 

I asked him why he had changed his mind. Because I think the man is honest, therefore, its probably true. As a result of that one man changing his mind, all of his family did also. Welcome to today’s world, folks. Where lies are often times accepted as truth. 

I love America as much as anyone. But i don’t love our rotten political system., the monster it has become. Sadly, it still is one of the best and moat honest on polluted planet earth. 

But too many folks today are using lies to gain control, and keep control as best they can, Anything goes syndrome.

I can remember when liars were called out and held accountable for their wrongdoing. Now no matter the truth, if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit. 

Recently there was a hearing shown on the Telly where a man was being questioned by the U.S. Senate, interviewing for a job. The sucker was lying, grinning and smirking as he did so. He was not placed under oath, as I thought he should have been. I felt like reaching inside the Telly box and slapping his teeth loose. Not out, mind you, just loose. He got the job 

There is a solution, but only the honest politicians would vote for it. Could you imagine, a lying politician voting for something that would get him put out of office, and into jail? 

That’s why my suggestion will never be implemented. There may be more crooks than honest men in Washington DC.

My suggestion. When a politician is sworn into office, where he has to pledge to uphold the Constitution, he should be put under oath, and be under oath 24/7. until he leaves office.

Dang, if that were put in place today, there would be a run for the rat holes, and probably for home. There would be vacancies all over Washington, you and I could become a Senator or House member. 

If you don’t like my solution, what is your solution?