Buckaroos go to La Grande for football camp

Buckaroos go to La Grande for football camp

Buckaroos go to La Grande for football camp

Lowry High School head football coach took 10 skill position players to the football camp in La Grande, Ore., last week at Eastern Oregon University

The Buckaroos traveled to  Union County instead of going to the camp in Fernley this year.

Fifteen teams from Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Idaho attended the camp and brought their best competition. 

“We went up there and did a lot of individual stuff,” Cabatbat said. “I took all skill guys that are going to help us a lot this year. They produced an offensive line for us so we were able to run our stuff offensively and defensively, it was a good experience for those kids.”

The Buckaroos commuted for four days thanks to the dedication of the parents and coaches and Cabatbat was very thankful.

“A big thanks to the parents for rallying together to get the kids to and from that camp,” he said. "Any opportunity that I can provide for these kids to be successful, I am all game. That is what it is all about. Next year I hope to take a full squad up there; It was fun.”

Eastern Oregon University is where Winnemucca natives Jace Billingsley, Calvin Connors, and Michael Arenas went to school, making it a natural for the Lowry boys to travel to.

“The camp honored two deep per position for MVPs, and Anthony Peterson was recognized as one of the top two running backs at the camp. It was a good competition straight across the board. We did real well and they had a lot of fun activities there. It was a good experience and those kids really enjoyed it.”

Mandatory practices begin Wednesday, Aug. 7. Check-in will be from noon-2 p.m. and practice will run from 2 p.m.-4 p.m. 

All paperwork  must be completed in order to practice.

Lowry opens the season with a non-conference game in Pahrump on Friday, Aug. 23.

The Buckaroos' home opener is Sept. 6.