Thank you Rick Hardin

Thank you Rick Hardin

Thank you Rick Hardin

I would like to thank Rick Hardin for all of his time and dedication to keeping our streets and roads up here in Kingston.

The road to the lake belongs to the Forest Service, there for it would have been the responsibility of the Forest Service to repair that road. 

It  was pretty much closed until Rick extended himself to working hours on top of hours to repair the road known as Kingston Canyon Road going to the lake. We have a LOT of people who come here every summer to enjoy the outdoors, back road four wheeling,  camping and fishing at the lake. 

Without Rick's dedication they would  have made a trip here for nothing. He worked diligently pretty much 7 days a week. 

Our road was so washed out, lots of water still coming off the mountain from all the snow melt. He took dump truck load after load from the gravel pit to fix that road so it could be used. He built berms on both sides of the road to help keep the road open. 

He is definitely one of the hardest working men I have ever known besides my Father and my one out of 3 brothers. 

Thank  you Rick for keeping that road fixed, it shows that you care about others and work so hard to make sure they enjoy their trip here in the summers. We appreciate you very much here in Kingston. Thank you again. 

Penny Deleon