Group rescued after rollover in canyon

On the evening of Friday June 28, a group of individuals were rescued with the help of resources from multiple entities from a remote backcountry area near Sonoma Canyon after their vehicle rolled down a steep hill with no passable roads in the area. 

HGH Director of Community Education and Development Nicole Maher reported that all of the individuals transported survived the accident and injuries.

The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area along with Humboldt General Hospital EMS ground units and the Grass Valley Fire Department. HGH EMS Chief Sean Burke reported that responding crews were not able to get to the individuals with all terrain vehicles or ambulance units due to exceptionally rough terrain. 

Maher said that local Grass Valley area resident Craig Barringer also arrived at the staging area and offered to use his all terrain vehicle to help with the rescue. 

HGH dispatched the AirOne helicopter to the scene and the crew was able to land approximately a mile from the incident and transport the most critically injured individual back to the ground ambulance unit near the scene, then fly back to the scene to transport the rest of the group to safety. 

“Chief Burke gave kudos to Lieutenant Paramedic Jordan Kohler, who ran the operation from the ground, and Chief Flight Medic Anthony Pasquale, who ran the operation from the air,” said Maher. “HGH EMS Rescue has a very unique skill set and that was certainly demonstrated over the weekend. Thank you to HGH’s exceptionally skilled professionals, and thank you as well to Pershing County and Grass Valley for their valuable support.”