Gymkhana 2019 breezes by

Gymkhana 2019 breezes by

Gymkhana 2019 breezes by

All good things must end. After its final event on Sunday, July 7, the Northern Nevada Gymkhana Club closes its 2019 season.

But first, they paused to make history. In the youngest age category (0-7) riders may switch from assisted to unassisted at any gymkhana.

One day, even the tiniest equestrians ride solo for the first time. On Sunday, June 30, it was Raeli Scilacci’s turn.

Nothing fazes Ann-Marie Fenner, the NNGC president. As announcer, she supplies constant encouragement to the riders.

Scilacci’s progress filled her with pride.

“There’s Rockstar Raeli in her blinged up hat and shades,” she announced over the loudspeaker. “She’s going it alone. History is being made.” Raeli and her horse, Red, methodically weaved around each pole without upsetting any.

Parents and fans cheered from the sidelines

“Give Red a pat, Raeli,” said Fenner as the rockstar rode the horse out the gate. “He worked hard for you.”

After gymkhana, many club members lingered for a goat-tying clinic. Several will compete in the Lovelock Junior Rodeo on Saturday, July 13, at the Lovelock Rodeo Grounds.

The Northern Nevada Gymkhana Club will hold its award ceremony at the Pershing County Community Center on Oct. 13.