3D Mammography coming to HGH

3D Mammography coming to HGH

3D Mammography coming to HGH

By the end of the year, Humboldt General Hospital (HGH) expects to have a new 3D tomosynthesis mammography machine in place and a new bone densitometry machine by late fall this year. 

HGH Radiology officials reported at Tuesday’s board meeting that the current 2D mammography equipment has been at its end of life and end of service since May 2019. 

The imaging department reported that they are not currently providing dexa (densitometry) services as the machine has been inoperable since the beginning of August 2019 and it would be extremely expensive to repair if parts are able to be located. The densitometry machine HGH currently has was reported to be at its end of service since February 2016 and end of life since June 2018. 

Purchasing a new dexomitry machine will allow HGH to continue offering bone densitometry and body composition exams that were previously available. 

The radiology department said that they had not planned for the purchase of new dexomitry equipment in their budget, but that by purchasing two pieces of equipment together, there is a significant overall cost savings. This allows the purchase of two pieces of equipment for less than was budgeted for just the mammography equipment. The department said they did budget $450,000 with plans to purchase a new mammogram machine. 

Both pieces of equipment will be purchased from Turn Key (Hologic equipment) with a total approved price of $328,500 was the lower of the two bids received and was reported to be within specifications needed. GE also submitted a bid for two similar pieces of equipment totaling $395,721 and the equipment was reported to not be within required specifications. 

The new 3D mammography machine advertises better breast cancer detection and a reduced chance of being called back for additional screenings, with over 200 clinical studies supporting the benefits of the new technology.