Drug court ordered for drugs and grand larceny

Kyle Jacob Hyde, age 22, has been given the opportunity to avoid two felony charges on his criminal record by successfully completing the 18-month Humboldt County Adult Drug Court program in Sixth Judicial District Court. 

Hyde was arrested on May 22, 20219 and charged with two counts of burglary, petit theft, possession of stolen property, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Hyde pleaded guilty to one count possession of a controlled substance (category E felony)  and one count grand larceny (category B felony) in a June 25 court hearing. 

For the possession charge, the potential sentence is one to four years in prison and a $5,000 maximum fine. This is a charge for which probation is mandatory under state law in most circumstances. 

On the grand larceny felony charge, Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero said Hyde was facing up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 maximum fine, with eligibility for probation. 

Category B Grand larceny in Nevada includes stealing property with a value over $3,500 wrongfully. 

Hyde admitted to taking property from another local individual’s storage shed including tools, valuable coins, firearms, ammunition, firearm parts and gunsmith tools. 

Hyde’s attorney, Humboldt County Public Defender Matthew Stermitz said at 22 years old, Hyde has no prior adult criminal records or probation. He recommended to the court that pursuant to the plea agreement, Hyde receive probation and drug court, with the grand larceny sentence suspended as to allow Hyde to continue working and pay restitution. 

Stermitz said that the plea agreement contemplates that if Hyde successfully completes the drug court program and probation, the diversion program will allow for the controlled substance felony to be dismissed and he will be allowed to withdraw his plea on the felony grand larceny case and instead plea to a gross misdemeanor charge. 

Hyde told the court that participating in drug court as a part of his pretrial release stipulations has been helpful. 

“I was under the influence of drugs committing all those crimes and I realize those are bad choices and I just want to keep doing drug court,” said Hyde. 

The victim in the matter, Tommy King took at stand a sentencing hearing to share his story. 

King said he had recently lost his wife, mother and father who all lived in Winnemucca and that the majority of the things stolen from the shed included their belongings. He said he was still in the process of going through all the items stored in the shed when it was broken into. 

“Much of the items were gifts given and received from each other and from family over the years. One particular hunting rifle my wife had given me on Christmas years ago so I could hunt with my dad and brother,” said King. “I had planned to give that rifle to my second born grandson, 25 or so guns are still missing.” 

King said he estimated that everything taken from the storage shed had a value of at least $40,000 and said that if nothing else, he wishes to have the Winchester rifle back that he was planning to give to his grandson. 

“More than anything of what the value was, this is something that people work for and it’s theirs and you (Hyde) shouldn't take it,” said King. “Personally this has affected me so much.”

King told Hyde he would like to see him and the others involved in the theft be rehabilitated and be people the community can be proud of. 

On the controlled substance charge, Hyde was ordered to 36 months of probation with successful completion of the 18-month Humboldt County Drug Court Program. He was ordered to abstain from all alcoholic beverages, controlled substances and stay out of facilities related to alcohol and smoking. 

Hyde was ordered to pay $11,990 restitution in the case as he is not the only defendant involved in the theft. 

On the grand larceny charge, Hyde was ordered to 16 to 72 months in prison with credit for time served, a $153 DNA collection and analysis fee, $25 administrative assessment and $250 public defender fee. 

The prison sentence was suspended on the condition he completes the probation, drug court and other conditions imposed in the matter as part of the plea negotiations. Hyde was also ordered to complete 60 months of formal probation in the grand larceny case, ordered to run concurrent with the 36-month probation.