The choo choo chronicles

The choo choo chronicles

The choo choo chronicles

Night and day the trains still run through here. Across the desert, up and down the hills and through the long canyon, they chug along it seems like forever on their lonely way.

One runs east, the other west. They toot their lonesome horns four times as they pass through our little town. The first two whistles may say “Hello” and “How are you?” The second perhaps “See you later” and “Bye bye”. 

They pass with precise clockwork during the day and they continue on, intruding on my dreams at night.

Sorry dear reader that I’ve been so carried away recently with so many other issues and been neglecting my railroad  choo choo chronicles. 

Like sunshine, wind and rain these trains are regular and routine as they can be. Woven within the fabric of our small town’s lifestyle they are part and parcel of our everyday world.

Electrons flow through wire, blood cells through a vein

Energy in motion like an ever moving train

A reminder of our history, nostalgia and fame

Still modern day transport, our locomotive train

Crisscross America, up and down the coast

Trucks move goods but trains haul the most

Through inclement weather, ice, snow and rain

Big iron wheels keep rolling. Yonder comes the train

Fire engines, trucks and planes

Kid’s favorite transport, still the mighty trains

Thousands of miles of tracks all across the land

New York to Memphis down to the Rio Grande

Ore the mighty Rockies, across the desert bare

We’re bound for California. Going on a tare

Connecting blue Pacific to Atlantic shore

Chalk up ten thousand miles. Go for thousands more

Clickety clack and choo choo, on we go for sure

Immobility is an illness. The railroad is it’s cure

Majesty in motion traveling through the land

Watch it sail on by as you wave a hand

Metal wheels keep turning along the endless track

We’re powering on forever. Ain’t no looking back

So sing the railroad songs, simple, quaint and plain

Such pleasures are too few. Ride that magic train

Cattle grazing on the way. Tractors bailing hay 

We bid them all good day as we glide away

Scenery so splendid, it’s beauty never ended

All memory suspended. A journey on the rail

Green trees and bridges. Rocky hills and ridges

Sheer cliffs and ledges, silver streams and hedges

Landscapes in motion. Glimpses of blue ocean

Fulfilling every notion. Overwhelming emotion

It calls to all around it sounding out it’s horn

It’s off and gone so quickly like the early morn

Sunshine , wind and rain and ever moving time

They’re fragments of our world moving down the line

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