Winnemucca Police Blotter

On August 3, NHP arrested Jared Theodore Carrica, age 22, on driving under the influence third offense, driving while in revocation and open container. 

                         Bail $21,140. 

On August 5, HCSO arrested Todd Collins, age 27, on driving under the influence second offense, driving with license suspended, possess firearm while intoxicated and open container in vehicle. 

                           Bail $3,475. 

On August 6, WPD arrested Daniel William Mitchell, age 36, on misdemeanor domestic battery. 

    Bail $3,000.


*No Photo Available*

On August 7, WPD arrested Elizabeth Blanco, age 28, on misdemeanor domestic battery. 

    Bail $3,000. 

On August 7, NHP arrested Shon Edgar John Morris, age 51, on unregistered vehicle, suspended driver’s license, no proof of insurance and obstruct delegates resist. 

                         Bail $2,430. 

On August 8, WPD arrested Nathan Alexander Blanco, age 19, on driving under the influence, hit and run, driver disobey officer and possession of cocaine.

                           Bail $7,920. 

On August 9, WPD arrested Debra Fullerton, age 54, on misdemeanor battery. 

   Bail $1,140. 

On August 9, HCSO arrested Ty Albisu, age 43, on felony battery with substantial bodily injury. 

 Bail $10,000. 

*No Photo Available*

On August 9, NHP arrested Jorge Luis Gonzalez, age 37, on failure to yield left turn and duty — information/aid. 

   Bail $1,255.

On August 10, WPD arrested Cecil Horn, age 42, on misdemeanor public intoxication.

       Bail $355. 

On August 10, WPD arrested Angel Hernandez, age 29, on a temporary protection order violation and failure to appear warrant - traffic. 

   Bail $4,340. 

On August 11, HCSO arrested Daniel Joseph Petro, age 32, on felony and misdemeanor charges of littering and probation violation. 

                                 No bail.