Humboldt County Commission in brief —

On Aug. 5, the Humboldt County Commissioners approved the following agenda items: 

• Approved the appointment of Nigel Bain, General Manager of Hycroft Mine, to represent the Mining Industry seat on the Humboldt Development Authority beginning Aug. 5, 2019 to June 30, 2023. 

• Announced that Humboldt County Communications Technician Tim Henigin was named Employee of the Quarter.

• Denied the Abandonment Request along Stargate Road submitted by James Garland. The Garland sought approval to abandon a 30 ft. easement running along the east side of his parcel. 

• Approved a Request by Ross and Dorothy Zimmerman to rezone property on 4540 Debra Lane from Commercial to Rural Ranchette.

• Approved a Variance Request submitted by Mike and Janet Roberts for the property located at 3090 Mars Avenue. The request is to allow a fence height in the front yard setback from 4 ft. to 5 ft. The Applicant proposed to replace the existing fence on the east side of the property. 

• Set to Public Hearing to introduce and read an ordinance amending Chapter 15.04 of the Humboldt County codeby adopting the 2018 International Building Code and Building Code Standards with changes, modifications, appendices and supplements; 2018 International Residential Code and Building Code Standards with changes, modifications, appendices and supplements excluding the mechanical,plumbing and electrical chapters and appendices; the 2018 edition of the Uniform Mechanical Code with appendices, changes and modifications; the 2018 International Fire Code with changes, modifications, appendices and supplements, and related NFPA standards; the 2018 edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code with changes and modifications; the 2017 edition of the National ElectricCode to be the latest adopted edition of such codes adopted statewide by Nevada Revised Statutes; 2006 ICC Electric Code administrative provisions; the 2009 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code; the 1997 Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings; the 1997Uniform Housing Code; the 2018 International Pool and Spa Code; 2018 International Existing Building Code; 2017 Accessible and Usable Building Facilities ICC A117.1-2017; declaring the most current edition of the Mobile Home/Manufactured Home standards act rules and regulations with changes and modifications as adopted statewide by the Nevada Revised Statutes; providing for the establishment of a Board of Appeals for International, Uniform and National Code interpretation; and providing for penalties for violations thereof, an increase of 25% of building valuation data table dated Jan. 1, 2014 and an increase of the rates and fees associated with said codes beginning at a minimum of $51.75.

• Approved the Public Works Department request to hire one Water/Wastewater specialist.

• Approved a Request for Grant from Cyanco from the Humboldt County Board of Commissioners to cover the cost of permitting fees for a plan review for the new Cyanco solids plant in an amount not to exceed $36,720.45.

• Approved a replacement bond for the Pollution Control Revenue Refunding Bonds

The Commission listened to the following presentations:

•  Denise Castle, CEO of JOIN Inc., presented on how JOIN’s programs and intermediary model is bringing stake holders together to address Humboldt County’s workforce development needs.