Onward and upward

Onward and upward

Onward and upward

Pershing County volleyball stands poised at the threshold of a new season.

The coaches will determine the rosters at a three-day tryout marathon Aug. 12-14.

The varsity girls will have a short time to get in shape for their opening tournament in Yerington on Aug. 23 and 24. The JV team opens in Battle Mountain  Aug. 30-31.

Coach Monica Halverson and 10 of Pershing County volleyball’s core volleyball players just got back from Feather River Camp in Quincy, Calif.

“We stayed in the dorms, ate on campus and played half beach volleyball and half regular volleyball,” said Halverson.

The girls also threw a scavenger hunt, a team tradition.

Halverson looks forward to her first year coaching the varsity Lady Mustangs. She brings 15 years of experience to the table.

Halverson took Dayton to the state competition four of the six years she served as their head coach. They finished as runner-ups twice.

“I love what I do and how I do it and see lots of success,” said Halverson.  After moving to Lovelock, she coached Pershing County’s JV girls. School days, she teaches life skills at the middle school.

Nancy Meissner, a veteran PCSD guidance counselor, will coach JV. She’s coached a variety of youth sports for Lovelock’s younger athletes.

“Nancy and I work well together and complement each other,” said Halverson.

On Aug. 5-8 Meissner and Halverson hosted a skills camp at PCHS along with Gold Medal Squared, a traveling volleyball clinic. About a dozen girls, many new to the sport, attacked the ball.

In the future, Halverson hopes to draw on the mentoring powers of her seasoned athletes.

She’ll task them with teaching the younger players the fundamentals of the game.

Expect to see some familiar faces on the court this season.

The senior players include  Daralyn Moura, Makenna Houston, Alyssa Montes and Kaelyn Castro. Castro comes to the volleyball court from the soccer field.

She and Montes are vying for a starting spot. Moura, a libero and back-up setter, will assume a leadership role in Halverson’s  5-1 offense.Houston plays the left side

“Dara Moura will be one of my captains because of her dedication to the program, her example and how hard she works,” said Halverson. “She has a natural ability to lead.”

The juniors include Josie Crim, Aimee Carpenter, Cheyeanne Diaz and Senicka Happy. Presley Burrows, Aledda Happy, Alayna Godinez and Hannah Montes represent the sophomores

The team also welcomes several younger players. Kaylen Halverson, Andrea Canchola and Dalley Myers begin their freshmen years at PCHS this fall.

“We’re hoping to see more freshmen faces at tryouts,” said Halverson. “I’m optimistic about the season because of the girls we get to coach. I look forward to establishing the teams and getting to work.”

Halverson cites the Lady Mustang’s work ethic as a significant strength. The athletes are headed for a competitive and memorable season, she says.

The first home game is on Wednesday, Sept. 18, against Silver Stage. JV opens at 4 p.m. Varsity follows at 5 p.m