July Marriages

The following couples were granted marriage licenses recently by the Humboldt County Clerk:

July 3

Terri Ann Phanco, age 46, of Spokane, Wash. to Jessica Ann Hagreen, age 31, of Spokane, Wash.

Enrique Arteaga, age 29, of Winnemucca to Maria Erika Diaz, age 42, of Winnemucca.

July 8

Jedediah William De Hedges, age 41, of Winnemucca to Rebecca Ann Beck, age 55, of Winnemucca. 

July 12

Brandon Robert Church, age 34, of Winnemucca to Rochelle Ketura Swafford, age 28, of Winnemucca. 

July 17

Naomi Kumiko Palmer, age 32, of Lovelock, Nev. to Dusty Colin Sam, age 34, of Lovelock, Nev. 

July 18

Drew Hill Jenkins, age 44, of Winnemucca to Noel Catherine Green, age 30, of Winnemucca.

July 22

Mario Alberto Bautista, age 52, of Winnemucca to Rosalina Medrano, age 40, of Winnemucca. 

July 23

Tony Luman, age 53, of Winnemucca to Michele Marie Shaffer, age 47, of Winnemucca. 

July 24

Tre Allan Francis, age 21, of Winnemucca to Coraleigh Ann Caviglia, age 21, of Winnemucca. 

July 25

William Thomas Archer, age 29, of Winnemucca to Leslie E. Walker, age 38, of Winnemucca.