Community may lose crucial emergency response system

Do you feel that the best services are those that come to you from closest to home? Are you a person or family that believes in community involvement for the better? Are you looking for a way to be “that guy or gal,” that makes a difference and can be counted on when neighbors need you? Then friends, the Civil Air Patrol has opportunities for you!

In 2018, 7 lives were saved by your fellow Nevadans on Nevada Wing search and rescue missions. We flew 1,621 hours in support of these missions, as well as training and cadet/AFROTC orientation flights – training the aerospace leaders of tomorrow.

Twenty years ago, the Civil Air Patrol Humboldt County Composite Squadron was founded with three simple goals. Providing emergency services to the community, promoting aviation and training the leaders of tomorrow through a well-organized cadet program. 

The founders were successful in getting aircraft and vehicles assigned to the squadron at no direct costs to the Humboldt County taxpayers. Volunteer members have been trained in aviation and ground emergency services and have given countless hours to this mission. Many young people have been through our cadet program and have gone on to be productive members of our communities and nation.

But what is the state of the squadron today? Our original pilots have been grounded by advancing age and medical issues. Our aircraft has been reassigned elsewhere. Our membership numbers are thinning to the point that our squadron may not be allowed to continue. 

The emergency calls still come. Like a stormy early morning not so many years ago, when a medevac helicopter and crew carrying a pregnant mother in distress went down in the mountains to the west, as they tried to make it to Reno. Or, more recently, for hikers and hunters, overdue with worried family members waiting for good news.

There is a need. Not only for pilots, but for dedicated, service-minded individuals who want to make a difference. “Winnemucca Base, this is Silver State 2738. We have a tally on the target,” is Civil Air Patrol radio speak for “We found them.” There is nothing like hearing it or being a part of it. 

To learn more, please call the squadron at 775-625-2081, leave your name and number. Or, visit us on our Facebook page, @HumboldtCAPNV, or at