Mike Brooks kisses goats

Mike Brooks kisses goats

Mike Brooks kisses goats

Mike Brooks will do anything for the students at Pershing County Middle School. He keeps them fit by teaching PE. And he also coaches wrestling, track and football.

But on Thursday afternoon the PCSD Athletic Director went above and beyond the call of duty. He kissed two goats, Laser and Eater Avalanche.

The entire student body gathered on the lawn to witness the smooch.

Principal Shea Murphy emceed. Whitney Phillips provided the soundtrack. “It’s in his Kiss,” boomed from the sound system as the spring sun shined on the assembly.

It started with an idea. Cassidie Fuller’s leadership students needed to raise money.

“Every year the class that wins the most spirit points goes to watch a movie in Fallon,” Cassidie Fuller said. “The leadership class pays for the tickets, transportation and popcorn.”

So the students organized a competition. Three teachers vied for the top prize: Mike Brooks, Matt Fuller and Principal Murphy.

Throughout the week, PCMS students dropped coins in the containers labeled with each contestant’s name.

Whoever collected the most money by the end of the week promised to pucker up. Mike Brooks won hands down.

So on Thursday Cassidie and Kylee Fuller led Laser and Eater Avalanche to the middle school. The dairy goats pulled on their leashes. They looked apprehensive.

But Brooks soon put them at ease. He arrived on the scene with flowers for his dates. Eater Avalanche eyed the wildflowers hungrily. Laser only had eyes for Brooks.

As good as his word, Brooks kissed the goats. The crowd cheered.

“I was happy to be part of the fundraiser, and I’m glad the leadership group was able to raise some money,” said Brooks. “I’ve kissed worse.”

The goats kept their own counsel.