Judge sentences Ramiro Perez

Judge sentences Ramiro Perez

Judge sentences Ramiro Perez

Correctional officers brought Ramiro Perez, 37, to the 11th Judicial Court on Monday. He faced sentencing for trafficking controlled substances in Pershing County, including heroin.

Officers found the drugs at a traffic stop on April 6, 2017.

But Perez, whom DDA Jack Bullock described as a ‘one-man crime wave,’ faced additional charges in Elko, Humboldt and Lander counties. Altogether, the four district courts will sentence Perez for five felonies.

Prosecution and defense attorneys from all four counties worked out a global guilty plea agreement.

In Pershing County, DDA Bullock argued for the maximum sentence of 24-72 months in prison. He also asked Judge Jim Shirley to impose a $10,000 fine.

Public Defender Steve Cochran acknowledged that his client possessed illegal substances.

“But he did not go out and victimize anybody,” added the PD. “Nobody is coming forward saying, ‘I have a medical injury because of Mr. Perez — or he deprived me of property.’”

“Realistically we’re here because he possessed about 9 grams of one prohibited substance and six-and-a-half grams of another,” said Cochran.

Judge Jim Shirley gave Perez 24 – 72 months in prison. The time runs consecutively with Perez’ sentences from Elko and Humboldt Counties. It runs concurrently with the Lander County sentence. The Judge also fined Perez $2,000 plus court fees.

After a lengthy discussion, the court gave Perez 9 days credit for time served (CTS). The judge applied 458 days credit to the Elko County case.

Perez served two prior prison terms in 1998 and 2007. Earlier this year an Elko court gave him two to five years for felony battery causing substantial bodily harm.

The Humboldt County court sentenced Perez to two to six years in prison for trafficking. Humboldt also gave him one to four years for possession of methamphetamine.

“I want the order to reflect that if there are problems with the CTS, the prosecutors can bring the case back to court,” said Judge Shirley.

“Mr. Perez, you need to change your life,” said the judge. “I’m hoping the time you’ll spend in prison gives you time to reflect.”