Voters turn out for primary election

During last week’s primary election, Lander County voters picked the local and statewide candidates who will appear on the local General Election ballot on November 6. The primary narrowed down what was a large contingent of partisan and nonpartisan candidates.

Of the 2,962 active registered voters in Lander County, a total of 1,084 voters participated in the June 12 primary along with early and mail-in voting, equating to 36.58 percent of active voters.


In Tuesday’s Republican race for Lander County District Attorney, incumbent Theodore Herrera defeated challenger William Schaeffer with 59.9 percent of the vote compared to Schaeffer’s 40.1 percent.

Incumbent Lander County Recorder Lesley Bunch also took the majority of the votes with 54.67 percent compared to Deonilla Fuller, who garnered 45.33 percent.

In the race for Lander County Commission District 1, republican

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Brian Sparks defeated incumbent Doug Mills with 46.99 percent of the vote. Mills received 38.84 percent, while third challenger Brian Garner received 14.17 percent.

For Lander County Commission District 2, incumbent Art Clark III narrowly defeated challenger Nicholas Love with 50.62 percent of the vote; Love received 49.38 percent. There were just 12 votes that determined the outcome.

In the three-way race for county commission seat 5, republican Kathy Ancho defeated incumbent Sean Bakker 48.13 percent to 42.06 percent, respectively. David Mason received 9.81 percent of the vote.

For Hospital Board Seat E, Paula Green will advance to the general election uncontested.

In the Area 1 Lander County School Board race, incumbent Mike Chopp narrowly defeated challengers Laken Marine (32.78 percent) and Jorge Gonzalez (32.70 percent).

For school board Areas 3 and 4, Douglas Staton III and Todd Thompson will both advance uncontested.

In the race for Lander County Sheriff, incumbent Ron Unger took the majority of the vote with 63.22 percent against challenger Bartolo Ramos, who had 32.69 percent. Noliena Frazier Castellanos received 4.09 percent.

For Argenta Justice of the Peace, Denise Fortune had 45.54 percent of the vote while Toby Melver came in next with 21.18 percent. Michael E. Johnson had 13.61 percent, Joseph Jones 12.5 percent, and Joseph Sunseri 7.17 percent.


In the two-person Republican race for State Assembly, District 32, Alexis Hansen beat Tom Fransway with 54.65 percent of the local vote while Fransway earned 45.35 percent of the vote.

District-wide, however, Hansen defeated Fransway with 57.76 percent of the votes for Hansen and 42.24 percent for Fransway. There are no Democrats running for the State Assembly seat.

As a result, Hansen will replace her husband Ira Hansen who was termed out and vacated the seat. Ira Hansen is running for State Senate, District 14, to be vacated by Don Gustavson.

In the race for U. S. Senate, 60.65 percent of Republican Lander County voters endorsed Republican incumbent Senator Dean Heller while 53.78 percent of local Democratic voters endorsed his top Democratic challenger Jacky Rosen.

Statewide, 69.96 percent of Nevada Republicans voted for Heller while 77.12 percent of Democrats across the state voted for Rosen.

In the race for the U.S. House of Representative, District 2, incumbent Mark Amodei beat out three Republican challengers with 53.94 percent of the Republican votes in Lander County. In second with 31.76 percent of the local Republican vote was Sharron Angle. Democrat Patrick Fogarty beat out five other candidates with 28.90 percent of the vote in Lander County.

District-wide, however, candidate Clint Koble won the most votes by Democrats with 26.14 percent of the vote while Amodei earned 71.70 percent of the GOP votes across the district.

In the race for Nevada Governor, Lander County voters nominated Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt with 62.11 percent of the vote while local Democrats nominated Steve Sisolak with 30.08 percent of the vote. Statewide, Laxalt earned 71.49 percent of the GOP votes and Sisolak received just over 50 percent of the votes by Nevada Democrats.

Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Kate Marshall received 62.50 percent of the local vote by Democrats while republican candidate Michael Roberson earned 28.25 percent of local GOP votes. Statewide, Marshall received 67.27 percent of the vote and Roberson 46.24 percent.

In the race for Attorney General, Democrat Aaron Ford earned 44.58 percent of the local votes by Democrats (statewide, 68.01 percent). Republican AG candidate Wes Duncan received 45.22 percent of the local GOP votes (statewide, 59.78 percent). Ford and Duncan will compete in November for the job to be vacated by AG Laxalt.

Incumbent Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske was endorsed by 48.66 percent of local Republicans while challenger Ernest Aldridge received 31.40 percent of the votes in Lander County. Of the two Republican candidates for State Treasurer, Bob Beers received 60.75 percent of the local votes while Derek Uehara earned 19.31 percent of votes in Lander County.

In the five-person, non-partisan race for Nevada Supreme Court Justice, Seat C, Leon Aberasturi won 35.13 percent of the votes in Lander County while John Rutledge received 13.98 percent. “None of These Candidates” received 23.37 percent of the vote. Statewide, however, Elissa Cadish won the race with 36 percent of the votes while Jerry Tao came in second with 20.5 percent of the votes.


Registered voters should receive a General Election sample ballot in the mail by around Oct. 15 and sample ballots will be available at the county clerk’s office.

Early voting for the General Election starts Oct. 20 and ends Nov. 2. The close of mail-in voter registration is Oct. 9 and the closing date for in-person voter registration (at the county clerk’s office) is Oct. 16. Nevadans have until Oct. 18 to register online using the Nevada Secretary of State website.