Father’s Day Gifts

 Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to buy your dad.

Even though dad has been dead for quite a few years I think back to how hard it was to figure out what to buy him. All he’d ever give me for suggestions were leather gloves to work on the farm.

Seems like he didn’t want or need much. Or maybe I just wasn’t creative enough. Or maybe there are just a lot more cool items nowadays on the market for the outdoors dad.

Either way, I’m going to throw out some suggestions to help you pick your dad some cool gifts this Father’s Day. (Are my motives are pure or am I just hoping that my wife and daughters read this article and buy me some of the cool items on this list? I’m going to list out some smaller, cheaper items on up to more expensive ones.

• Smith Consumer Products stone to sharpen his knife. Get the 6-inch diamond orange stone.

• MyTopo Maps. Order a map of his favorite hunting or fishing area.

• Flies. Ask your local fly shop what works in your locale.

• Crappie jigs. I like the Mister Twister red/white tube jigs.

• Buck Knives makes some cool looking Elk Handled Marshmallow roasting rods.

• Buck Knives Fishing Nippers to cut your fishing line.

Lodge Dutch oven. Not only would he like one, you’d like for him toÑ have one due to the great food.

• Brownells Magna-Tip Adjustable Torque Wrench to tighten down his scopes.

• Carhartt clothing. As you know, they make some tough work clothes but they also have an outdoor line.

Check out their base layer offering.

• Irish Setter Traveler Chukka Boots.

• Wasp Talon Bowfishing arrows. Bowfishing season is here and I know I’m always losing arrows.

• Backpack. This is a specific item so ask him which pack he would like.

• Sunscreen for fishing and hiking. I use Blue Lizard products.

• Water filters. I like the Aquamira Frontier straw.

• Adventure Medical Kits-I love their Moleskin patches for hiking.

• Heybo fishing shirts. I love their fishing shirts and, they’re cool looking.

• Check out some of the First Tactical pants or shooting gloves. I use their gloves to bowfish with.

• Hiking socks. If he doesn’t have any good hiking socks he’ll love you. I use Browning hiking socks.

• OTIS gun cleaning gear. They have a lot of little items you could buy.

• COAST rechargeable flashlights. Batteries are expensive so I love these.

• Outdoor books. I have a Knife Sharpening and Survival book on Amazon Kindle.

OK, here’s a chance to win the best son/daughter award by buying him one of the following items:

• Riton USA Scope.

• A Weston meat grinder or sausage stuffer. Or, I received a Weston juicer and love it. I make smoothies 2-3 times/wk.

• Crosman airgun. Check out the Steel Eagle. Airguns are super popular now. If you’re at the Great Northwest Outdoor Expo June29-July 1st I’ll be conducting 3 airgun seminars and we’ll have a drawing for an airgun.

• Center Point Aspen recurve bow for bowfishing.

•Pellet grill made by Camp Chef. I love mine.

• Supplies International gun cases. I use their rifle and pistol cases for flying.

• Diamond Blade knives. They offer a big selection.

Tom Claycomb is an outdoor enthusiast and writes a monthly column for the Humboldt Sun.