County launches new website

County launches new website

County launches new website

Visit and a new image will greet you. On Monday, the county launched a new, updated website.

“The site’s been redone from start to finish,” said Devin Fabor, county network engineer. The coding has changed from HTML to HTML5, which allows departments to maintain their content directly, “which means that the data should get out to the public faster, it’ll be more accurate, it’s just a huge benefit all around.”

The new website currently has all of the information the old website offered, and will offer more features and options in the near future. “I think it’ll be easier to browse. We’re certainly going to put some additional features in there as far as notifying the public if there’s any issues or upcoming events they’ll be prominently featured on there,” he said.

The change started in September 2017 and took place for a number of reasons.

“We just hit the point where it (the website) was running old software to update, it was running old software on the web itself, and certainly with the internet changing directions, getting away from Java, going to the new coding styles, we wanted to be progressive in that,” Fabor said.

The update also fits in with the county’s database system conversion process.

“We’re in the process of a massive data conversion in the county,” Fabor said. ADS, the database server company used by the county for some time, is going out of business, so the county must shift its information to a new system. Each department will have its own software suite, and will decide which features to use.

Fabor said the county should complete the conversion from ADS in the next year.

The county also recently moved from a paper-based job application process to an online option through the website. Humboldt County jobs get a wider audience via posting on, and the county’s Human Resources department can more easily track job applicants.