Price retires as Chief Nursing Officer

Price retires as Chief Nursing Officer

Price retires as Chief Nursing Officer

Chief Nursing Officer Kelley Price, who has worked for Battle Mountain General Hospital for the last 24 years, is hanging up her scrubs.

Price is heading into retirement and was recognized at a recent luncheon at the hospital.

Starting in 1994, Price had a legacy of teamwork and effective leadership, according to officials who spoke at the luncheon. During her time as CNO, there have not been any travel nurses in the building.

The nursing staff prides themselves on being made up of homegrown nurses who went to school before returning to Battle Mountain to work at the hospital, she said. Price added that one of her proudest accomplishments as CNO is the five-star rating that long-term care has received over the last six years. BMGH long-term care has achieved a five-star rating every year since the rating system came into effect in Nevada, she said.

“The five-star rating is one of my accomplishments I feel the best about leaving behind me,” she said. “We can’t do it without a whole team, because it accounts for surveys, the inspections by the state, infection control, dietary needs, maintenance … and day-to-day care.”

She added that the lack of need for travel nurses is also something she is proud of.

“It is all of our little girls who went off to school and came back to work as a nurse in their hometown; we haven’t had to use a traveler for about 14 years now,” she said.

Now that she’s retired (as of Jan. 19), Price is planning to take some time for herself and will travel to Maui with her daughters for a week. She also plans to visit her two grandchildren in Spokane, Wash. After her vacation, she will be available for the hospital on an as-needed basis, but feels like she is leaving the hospital in excellent hands.

“I am also going to be a cowgirl; ride my horse, go branding and castrate the calves,” joked Price.

Hope Bowers is set to fill the CNO position and Price believes she is the right fit for the job.

“I am going to try my best to fill Kelley’s shoes and keep her legacy going,” said Bowers.

Claudia Andreotti is the long-term care supervisor, and she will take on a few extra responsibilities. “It’s not too hard when we have a staff as we have now,” explained Bowers.

Before the end of the luncheon, new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jason Bleak and Interim CEO Kathy Ancho presented Price with a gift.

“After going through a similar experience that Kelley is going through right now, it’s hard. It is hard to leave a place that you love so much,” said Bleak. “It is interesting how people that we serve become a part of us. You have done a fabulous job, and I have only worked with you for two days. I knew you before I came here and your reputation well known around the state, and you have run one of the best nursing departments in the state.”