McDermitt school to get new playground equipment

McDermitt school to get new playground equipment

McDermitt school to get new playground equipment

This spring, McDermitt school will be a little more cheerful for the kids — the school is getting new playground equipment.

The Humboldt County School District (HCSD) Board of Trustees approved $100,000 for the project last semester. Bid requests were sent to six companies, and three bids came back. Rec Today from Nampa, Idaho came in at $98,111.

McDermitt’s current playground equipment is old, and some of it has caused damage to kids’ clothing. McDermitt administrators and board members wanted to replace the equipment before an injury takes place.

The bid included a set for the kindergarten play area, complete with the desired spring rockers and another set for the older elementary students that includes a swing set and a tether ball for good measure.

The bid also includes construction, the pour-in-place rubber mulch surfacing for safety and a 100-year warranty.

The sets are have to slides, climbing areas and other interactive features meant to engage kids and encourage them to interact with each other through play.

HCSD Superintendent Dave Jensen said the new equipment will provide a meaningful play experience for the kids. “I think this is going to get a ton of use by the kids up there,”

Some of the old equipment might remain, but the teeter-totter and the twirly slide will be removed.

Construction of the new equipment will take place this spring, when the weather warms up and the ground softens. The new equipment will come in shades of blue to match McDermitt school colors.