Half-time hijinks

Half-time hijinks

Half-time hijinks

Pershing performers treated basketball fans to double delights at Saturday's game against Silver Springs. The Spirit Squad performed stunts. And the PCHS Winter Guard debuted.

Spirit squad stunts

They make it look effortless. But it isn't. Flying, basing and spotting must come together with precision.

The PCHS Spirit Squad added stunts to their routine at Saturday's home game.

Maya Renfroe's teammates lifted her above their shoulders. The freshman flyer stood at the apex of the pyramid.

Luke Kienberger, Callie Carpenter and Colbey Wanner formed the base.

Julia Steele, Jennifer Chandler, Nanako Renfroe and Kaelyn Montes acted as spotters, to protect the flyer.

Cheer coaches Gina Garcia and Cece Hanley encouraged the squad from the sidelines.

Garcia coaches the PCHS Spirit Squad with support from Hanley. During the LYFL season, Hanley coaches the younger set (ages five through eleven).

Winter guard debuts

Eight PCHS girls launched a new halftime tradition on Saturday – the Winter Guard.

They spun, twirled and tossed red flags, sometimes against a musical backdrop. The girls chose Masterpiece by Jessie J for their showstopper.

Eva Matuszyk coaches the team.

During her college years, Matuszyk performed Color Guard with the Blue Thunder Marching Band at Boise State University.

Later, she coached a high school team in Idaho for three years.

Loryn Hunt represented the senior class.

McKenna Hertz, Nanako Renfroe, and Kaylynn Jackson are juniors.

Four sophomores round out the team. They included: Ana Parades, Haylie Leavitt, Gabby Beltran and Jessica Martin.

"Winter Guard takes a lot of practice," said Ana Parades.

The squad meets biweekly for an hour and a half to master the routines.

"Over winter break we had a four-hour practice which is when everything came together," added Parades.

They'll be performing at home games for the rest of the season. In the future, they hope to compete against other teams in Reno.