WJHS visibly commits to keeping Rachel’s challenge alive!

WJHS visibly commits to keeping Rachel’s challenge alive!

WJHS visibly commits to keeping Rachel’s challenge alive!

WJHS staff and students have done many things to keep Rachel’s message going through the halls of their school. Posters were created by Mrs. Yacubic and Ms.Page’s homerooms and are displayed in our hallways. 

Our Leadership class, advised by Mrs. Jones, put up signs around the school from Rachel’s Challenge as a reminder of the assembly, encouraging creating personal ethics codes to live by. 

Many of our students, including our REGL club, advised by Mrs. Thomas have been posting positive thoughts and notes on lockers throughout the school, and have discussed as a group how their purpose of improving school culture and climate meshes very well with the goals in Rachel’s Challenge. 

In addition, we have two individual students, Stephanie Lozano (7th grade) and Hope Smith (8th grade) who have asked to help with creating a Friends of Rachel (FOR) club.  We had over 20 students participate in Friends of Rachel Club when we met to discuss small ways we can improve our school. 

Each of the students attending committed to choose one small thing they could do to improve the culture in their school or our community. Bryanna shares her commitment below:

Bryanna Larson, 7th Grade

“When I saw the video, it really made me very sad when Rachel was shot. I wanted to make sure that something like that didn’t happen at our school. 

When I saw one part in the video, Rachel was helping a kid who was being bullied a lot. It kinda looked like he had a disability. It showed that all kids should be treated equally and deserve to have friends. 

I want to be a good friend like Rachel. I decided to try to help my friends with disabilities because kids with disabilities deserve more attention.  I feel like it’s sometimes hard for them to make friends. 

When I see someone who seems like they don’t have any friends, I will invite them to go do things with me. Once we get to know each other, I ask if they want to be my friend. 

Every day at lunch I come into the library to play games and make friends with other kids that might not have many friends. I have made some great friends because Rachel’s Challenge.”