Commission meets Tuesday

The Humboldt County Board of Commissioners will meet on Jan. 16, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. Please note: the location of the meeting has changed to the City Council room of Winnemucca City Hall at 90 West Fourth Street while the court house gets a fresh coat of paint.

Opportunities for public comment provided at the beginning and end of the session.

On the agenda:

• Golconda General Improvement District Matters

• McDermitt General Improvement District Matters

• Paradise Valley Sewer District Matters

•  Employee Of The Month (2017)

• 2016-2017 Audit

• Allied Universal Security Services Agreement and Resolution - an agreement and subsequent Resolution with Allied Universal Security Services for courthouse security services in an amount not to exceed $80,600 to be shared equally between the 6th Judicial District Court and the Humboldt County Justice Court.

• Pleasant Senior Center request for County match funding for transit program 

• A presentation by County Road Superintendent Ben Garrett to update the Board on Road projects within Humboldt County.

• Approval of new class specifications and corresponding classifications for the Humboldt County Public Works Department 

• Request To Reclassify Ben Garrett From Road Superintendent To Public Works Director While Maintaining Current Salary

• Professional Services Agreement (retainer) with Resource Concepts Inc. - a professional services agreement between Humboldt County and Resource Concepts, Inc. (RCI) in an amount not to exceed $25,000 for an On-Call service contract designed to provide access to RCI’s consultative services for intermittent or unpredictable workloads on in any number of subjects from Rangeland Management, Wildfire Fuels Management, Waste Management and Water Rights.

• Approval of policy updates to the Humboldt County Personnel Policy Manual - updates to the Humboldt County Personnel Policy manual affecting sections 3.22 Rehire (setting guidelines as to who is eligible for rehire and addressing service restoration upon rehire), 5.5.1. None-Exempt Employees (placing a time frame as to when employees can submit a request to their department heads for payment of accumulated compensatory time), and updating references to ‘County Administrator’ to read as ‘County Manager’ and grammatical corrections.

• Cooperating Agency status request for two BLM Resource Management Plan Amendments - request Cooperating Agency Status with the BLM, for two Resource Management Plan Amendments (Fire and Evasive Assessment Tools) and Secretarial Order 3336 (Rangeland Fire Prevention, Management and Restoration).

• Proclamation: National Stalking Awareness Month 

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