New staff at Lowry High School

For the month of September, the Leadership Class at Lowry highlighted the new staff. We asked them each three questions: Where are you from? Why did you decide to come to Lowry? If you were to consider yourself a celebrity, who would you be and why? 

The first staff member we asked was Mrs. Letty Rodriguez. For the first question she answered,  “I was born and raised in Winnemucca, Nevada.” She came to Lowry “for the work experience.” For the final question she said, “I would have to pick Sofia Vergara, she is just such a talented Latin Actress and I love her sense of humor.” 

The next new teacher is Mrs. Chelsea Cabatbat. She told us she is from Winnemucca. Her response for the second question was, “I came to Lowry because it is such a great school.” She then answered the third question with “I would have to say Jennifer Lopez.” 

The third new teacher was Mr. Jacob Evans. He told us he is from Anaconda, Montana. He answered our second question, saying, “I came to Winnemucca for a few reasons. I felt like the administration here was going to be very helpful to me. I also felt like Winnemucca seemed like a nice town with great support for me as I set out to begin my new career.” Our final question he answered with “I would go with Will Smith. I love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It’s my favorite TV show, and all the charity work that Will Smith does is inspiring.” 

The fourth new teacher at Lowry is Mrs. Virginia Parker. She grew up in Beatty, Nevada. She came to Lowry “to make a big change in my career path” and said she is excited to meet new people. She answered our third question with “I would be Phoebe from Friends. I am an easy going, free spirited, positive friend.” 

The next new staff member at Lowry is Mrs. Cassie Gomez. She grew up in Winnemucca. She came to Lowry for the “fast-paced atmosphere.” The celebrity she chose for the last question was “YouTube sensation Kimmy Hughes. She’s a faith-driven mother of four who spends her free time encouraging women to embrace who they were created to be."

The sixth new staff member is Mrs. Cristina Cuevas. She grew up in Winnemucca and she came to Lowry because she “needed a positive change.” She said there was no famous person that she could compare herself to. 

The final new staff member is Ms. Nadine Meade. She came to Winnemucca from Wisconsin and she came to Lowry because, she said, “I wanted to work with kids and subbed last year and now I’m here and it’s a rewarding career.” For our final question, she also said there was no celebrity she could compare herself to. 

We are excited to have all of these new staff members with us this year at Lowry!

This article was written and submitted by a Lowry High School student.