Modern times

Modern times

Modern times

It seems that when something bad happens time drags by and sometimes time even seems to stop. But when something wonderfully good happens the time flies by. For instance…

We had company visit and they brought their little baby. The time we spent with our friends zoomed by.

But during that same week we were waiting to go to a doctor’s appointment that we were very anxious for and the time just drug by, like cold molasses coming out of a bottle. How can that be when both things were happening at the same time? It’s a time warp thing. Not saying I’m warped!

There’s also a new song out that relates to wanting to be older until you are older, then when you are that older person you want to be younger. Seems we are never satisfied. But that is in actuality a good thing.

I mean really, if you find you are satisfied you never reach for more, want to be more, be better, and achieve everything your little heart desires. But, my friends, be very careful what you wish for.

As a kid I hope you took the time to wish upon a star. You know, “star light, star bright …” Well of course I wished upon a star once or twice in my youth. Gee I sure I hope I wished for something good and it came true, for as time has gone by I don’t recall when or what those whishes were.

It probably is a good thing we don’t remember stuff like that from our youth. It might be kinda of embarrassing to see a grown up get a wish of unlimited chocolate chip cookies or, well I have skidded off the wish list haven’t I?

Have you ever watched a clock click off seconds or minutes as you sit in a waiting room? Or as you wait for the timer on the oven go beep, beep, beep — very annoying on its own, but watching the time go by, you realize that those seconds or minutes were here and are now gone and never will be back? Your life has cashed in that time, those breaths you took for granted are gone forever. How eye opening that can be? But what are you going to do about it?

As much as we all desire to make our mark in life, there is just no possible way to make every second of every minute of every hour of every day count for something important. Important enough to make that mark we desire to make. But I have an idea. Well of course I do!

Spend it wisely. I used to bemoan to myself, oh you don’t want to bemoan out loud—people tend to gather the white coats if you bemoan out loud.

Anyway. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that one second was gone and then another and another and nothing spectacular happened.

How sad is it that time goes by without any recognition of its passing. But it has in the past, does in the present and will in the future. That’s just the way of the world and it’s pretty cool.

Finally, with our time, something happens that we don’t have to do anything about. We don’t vote it in or out. We don’t need a committee to regulate it. We aren’t going to stop it no matter what we do or don’t do. It just goes and goes.

Time doesn’t wait for payday to come around. Time isn’t working towards retirement thank goodness or we would all be out of time. Although it is very, very precious, time doesn’t care what the price of gold is or what its resale value will be after depreciation. Time is just pretty unflappable no matter what we think say or do about it, do to it, do or with it.

Time doesn’t need parents, teachers, siblings, co-workers or bosses. Time never needs to be fixed or fiddled with like an old jalopy. Time doesn’t need to be re-done like a really bad perm that you got from a hair dresser and you left the salon looking like you just stuck you finger in a light socket!

So what of this time we have? Time on our hands. Time to spare. Time after time. There are some things about time that I think we hopefully can all agree on. Time is precious. Time heals. Time in its own time tells all.

Some two thousand years ago was a time of uncertainty and also hope. Those were the times huh? Now, today in modern times, even though an almost enumerable amount of seconds have clicked away in the last two thousand years, we still have the time to meet and greet and love and laugh. And go back and get that perm redone. It wasn’t a pretty sight no matter how much time I spent brushing it out!

Until next time!

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Share with her at Really!