The carnival returns to town

The carnival returns to town

The carnival returns to town

The carnival returned to Battle Mountain after four years of passing through town without a stop. Town residents and their families filed onto the dirt field hoping to enjoy some of the classic rides the carnival provided.

On Sept. 22, through Sept 24, the Fun Time Carnival set up shop on the dirt field next to Battle Mountain High School. The Fun Time Carnival was the first traveling carnival to stop in Battle Mountain for four years, making it "the place to be" at this past weekend in Battle Mountain.

The carnival provided three large rides for adults including the Gravitron, The Magic Carpet and a Ferris wheel with fully spinning cages called the Rol-O-Plane. One of the more popular rides at the carnival was the spinning apples. Whole families to tried to make each other sick by spinning the apples as fast as they could.

The little ones were not forgotten, with 10 rides available for toddlers to enjoy, including two bounce houses, two mirror mazes, an obstacle course, a Ferris wheel, a car ride and flying saucers. 

Some Battle Mountain residents tried their hand at some of the available carnival games.

They appeared to enjoy their trip to the small festival.

One carnival employee explained, “This is my last weekend working for them, but the carnival will continue down I-80; stopping in towns for the weekends until they get to Reno.” 

Despite the screams and yells coming from the Gravitron, the carnival appeared to be a hit in the small town, leaving many residents looking forward to the next time the carnival will return to town.