The following individuals were granted divorces recently by the Humboldt County Clerk:

Aug. 3

Lucas Soderstrom from Silver Nichols

Robert Frederic Osti from Marie Janet Landos Osti

Concepcion Ivan Rojastoro from Daisy Socorro Rojastoro

Casey I. Kira from Carlon M. Kira

Sarah Lindsay Hansen from Gregory W.L. Hansen-Highland

Kaitlyn Amanda Dullum from Emilee Paige Chasten

Tony Ly from Huong Thi Lan Nguyen

Aug. 4

Amelia Brackney from Richard Brackney

Teya A. Brown from Steven M. Brown

Maria Reyes from Arthur Martinez

Aug. 8

Tiffany Terese Hughey from Leon Bosman

Steve Clarence Bredesen from Ashley Robbalee Bredesen

Aug. 9

Gorman W. Lee from Trinese Leshawn Lee

Aug. 14

Anthony J. Cortes from Christianne B. Viray

Aug. 18

Sara Elizabeth Sattler from David Aaron Sattler

Jason David Flaten from Tianna Helene Flaten

Aug. 22

Tyrone Joseph Tria from Abigail Rodejo Tria

Damon Eric Thomas from Troy Catherine Thomas

Bernice Hernandez from Ismael Hernandez Jr.

Rochelle Smith from Byron Stanley Smith

Tyrelle Lowe from Samantha Lowe

Britney McCraney from Bill McCraney

Aug. 24

Heather L. Fairbanks from Jeremy H. Fairbanks

Aug. 31

Angelica Hernandez from Oscar Garcia