New HGH CEO comes with good references

New HGH CEO comes with good references

New HGH CEO comes with good references

The unofficial word is that Art Frable has accepted Humboldt General Hospital Board’s officer of the position of CEO, pending completion of his contract. The official word is that process may take up to another week or 10 days and that it will be about that time that HGH will know exactly when their new CEO will begin his duties.

HGH hospital board, staff and community members are looking forward to having those details nailed down. That has become even more important, given the situation last spring with a newly-hired CEO who, because of personal reasons, put off her arrival and then eventually decided not to come at all. Battle Mountain General Hospital Board’s recent experience with hiring a new CEO and then letting him go only two months later is also still fresh.

Frable was aware of those levels of concern during his interviews and meetings with community members, hospital board and hospital staff. He expressed confidence that he will be able to improve relations within HGH and between HGH and the community.

Winnemucca community members and hospital employees were offered the opportunity to fill out a survey after meeting with Frable on Sept. 10 and 11. Only a few people took the time to do so, but the anonymous ratings and written comments from those who did were compiled and made available to the board and to the public.

The majority of respondents felt positively about Frable’s chances to lead the hospital in the right direction. One person’s comment seemed to sum up many others, “HGH deserves a decision from the board. This man is qualified and pleasant. Give him a chance to lead the hospital.”

Why he’s moving here

Frable chose to leave his former position in Kansas when the hospital became part of a larger health network. He said he has experimented with retirement, has decided he doesn’t like it and is ready to return to full-time, team-leading and problem solving.

Board members also had the opportunity to see responses to reference checks with members of the board of the hospital where Frable last worked as CEO. The responses were overwhelmingly favorable.

“He was very open with communication, he kept the board informed and spoke to each of them.”

“He was always listening to the patients and their families. He took how they felt personally. If he heard about a complaint, he would contact them personally to listen.”

“He is very community minded. He cares for the community and enjoys being part of the community. He is a member of service clubs and gives his time to those clubs.”

“He is a team player. It’s important to him to put the time into the employees for them to be better and our hospital to be better.”

“He did a great job, he researched everything, every time before he made any decision. He also believed that it was important for the board to have all the information available so that we could make an educated and quality decision.”

“I would have enjoyed continuing working with him but he left because we transitioned into a larger hospital system and he didn’t want that.

“He is the kind of CEO who will listen and will do what his board wants, even if he doesn’t agree, he’ll still give 100 percent.”

“He is very good at handling personnel issues.”

“He was a really good fit for what we needed. We were floundering around and had money problems. He found us a way out of both.”

“He was always looking at things; he never stops thinking. This kept us thinking. He included the board in his creative thinking and was open to the board and hospital leadership.”

“He was good with new personnel, he would take them under his wing and make sure they felt included. He was also very good at making difficult decisions if they needed to be made. He was visible, making the hospital very visible.

A member of the medical staff at the hospital he previously led said “Art manages by walking around. Art has a love for the human touch and is able to create good working relationships.”

Those who previously worked under Frable in finance said, “Art likes to manage, he’s a good manager. His strong suit is that he’s good with people.”

“Art is good with financials. He’s fair, consistent and a good communicator.”

Hospital board chair JoAnn Casalez said the board was very encouraged by the return of such positive comments and recommendations from individuals who had previously worked with Frable.