Nuisance complaints now require signature

Nuisance complaints now require signature

Nuisance complaints now require signature

Humboldt County residents who file a nuisance complaint must now identify themselves and sign the complaint form before the County will begin the investigation. Previously, a nuisance complaint could be filed anonymously.

The Humboldt County Commission voted unanimously in favor of the code amendment adding the stipulation of identification and a signature.

Identifying the party or parties filing the complaint allows investigators to contact them for further information or for an update on the progress of the complaint. It also gives the filing party the opportunity to present the case before the commission.

The public hearing occurred at 10 a.m. Tuesday during the commission meeting. Though public comment was allowed, no one stepped forward in support or protest.

Also Approved

The commission also approved the Humboldt County Library’s Food for Fines donation drive. Library Director Cindy O emphasized that people without fines can donate to the Food for Fines project, but the donations will not count as credits to their library accounts. Donations do not count toward replacement costs for lost books.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office designation of a Safe Secure Zone for the completion of internet transactions was also approved. The designated area is in the Humboldt County Detention Center parking lot at 495 Fairgrounds Road in Winnemucca. At the time of this writing, the zone had not been officially marked.