Record-breaking high temperatures

This summer, Winnemucca broke its record for days with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher. Tuesday brought the total so far to 25 days. The previous record of 22 days was set in 1971.

With 78 days so far and more expected, the city may also beat its record of 84 days of temperatures in the 90s set in 1974.

The record just confirmed what residents already knew: this summer was really hot. And taken in conjunction with grass overgrowth, the area provides the perfect recipe for wildfires like the ones raging in states to the north and northwest.

According to Brock Uhlig, BLM Fire Management Officer for Battle Mountain / Winnemucca District, Winnemucca and its environs are experiencing one of the “busiest fire seasons in recent history” because of the prolonged dry heat and grass overgrowth. He said the BLM has increased their number of staff, engines and fire line dozers in preparation for any new fires.

The rash of wildfires in California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Montana cast a gauzy pall over Humboldt County Wednesday. The jet stream air current drew the smoke from these 81 fires, affecting air quality all across the northern US, according to NASA satellite pictures.

Wind currents pulled some of that smoke down into Humboldt County, producing the telltale haze obscuring the mountains. The National Weather Service in Elko speculates that the smoke should hang around for a while, at least until a strong front clears it out.

On a positive note, current weather forecasts indicate that Winnemucca shouldn’t see any more 100 degree days for a while.