Humboldt County 4-H Static Fair entry results

Humboldt County 4-H Static Fair entry results

Humboldt County 4-H Static Fair entry results

4-H youth entered their club projects in the 4-H portion of the Tri-County Fair, September 1-3, 2017. 4-H youth that participate in traditional 4-H clubs such as cooking, crafts, photography, Legos, sewing and various other clubs, work hard all year on their projects. The Tri-County Fair allows 4-H youth to showcase the projects they have worked so hard on throughout the year. 4-H youth are awarded ribbons based on judging results. The results of the static portion of 4-H are as follows:

• Crafts: Glen Bourbon: fall tree, key chains, scrap book pages, Harry Potter wand, four purple ribbons. Savannah Foley: fall tree, key chains, two purple ribbons; candy dish, foam flowers, Harry Potter wand, three blue ribbons. Kaitlyn Hartley: scrap books pages, purple ribbon; fall tree, candy dish, foam flowers, soap dish bunnies, Harry Potter wand, five blue ribbons. Hannah Haas: fall tree, candy dish, foam flowers, key chains received four 4-H Cloverbud rosettes.

MattieRose Johnson: bff stamp, heart stamp, monkey, pig, Halloween lantern, five purple ribbons; sign, sand art, heart, sand art puppy, paper weaving, five blue ribbons. Lennox Zebroski: model rocket, purple ribbon. Grand Champion Craft Division: Kaitlyn Hartley. Reserve Champion Craft Division: MattieRose Johnson.

• Creative Art: Mathew Patchen: belt, purple ribbon; Patrick Patchen: belt, purple ribbon; Timmy Patchen: belt, purple ribbon; check book cover, blue ribbon.

• Fine Arts: MattieRose Johnson: garden landscape, self-portrait, two blue ribbons; Conscious Stettler: Skull roses, Ariel, Daffy Duck, three purple ribbons; Van Gogh inspiration clock, blue ribbon. Grand Champion Fine Arts Division: Conscious Stettler. Reserve Champion Fine Arts Division: Conscious Stettler.

• Foods: Savannah Foley: drop cookies, no bake, blue ribbon. Emma Fretwell: white bread, whole grain bread, monkey bread, three purple ribbons. Conscious Stettler: ginger cookies, wheat bread, two purple ribbons. Nathan Stettler: potato chip cookies, purple ribbon. Grand Champion Foods Division: Emma Fretwell. Reserve Champion Foods Division: Conscious Stettler.

• Food Preservation: Emma Fretwell: dried fruit, dried herbs (2), jerky, dried vegetables, dried beans, purple ribbons; dried fruit, dried jerky, dried vegetables, dried vegetable powder, four blue ribbons. Grand and Reserve Champion Food Preservation: Emma Fretwell.

• Fruits, Vegetables & Crops: Melene Nye: cabbage, sweet peppers, two purple ribbons; squash, blue ribbon. Grand and Reserve Champion FV: Melene Nye.

• Photography: Layton Johnson: three photos, purple ribbons; one photo blue ribbon; MattieRose Johnson: two photos, purple ribbons; six photos, blue ribbons; Melene Nye: two photos, purple ribbons, two photos, blue ribbons; Conscious Stettler: one photo, purple ribbon; three photos, blue ribbons. Grand Champion Photography: Layton Johnson. Reserve Champion Photography: MattieRose Johnson.

• Recycling: (crafts made from recycled items) Glen Bourbon: cork flag, July wreath, two purple ribbons; Savannah Foley: cork flag, July wreath, two purple ribbons; Kaitlyn Hartley: cork flag, July wreath, two purple ribbons: snowman hat, blue ribbon. Grand Champion Recycling: Glen Bourbon. Reserve Champion Recycling: Kaitlyn Hartley.

• Sewing: MattieRose Johnson: blanket, blue ribbon.

• Youth General: French Ford, Craft Club Friday: wash cloth bunny display, purple ribbon; French Ford, Lego Club Friday: mini figure Lego display, purple ribbon; Tryp Hall, chicken poster, cloverbud participation rosette; Anjolie Karrer, duck poster, purple ribbon; Hadley Knox, chicken poster, cloverbud participation ribbon; Korbin Knox, chicken poster, cloverbud participation ribbon; Hannah Long, rabbit poster, purple ribbon; Melene Nye, chicken poster, purple ribbon; PWH Lego Club, Lego group display, Our Favorite Movie theme, purple ribbon; Kallie Raabe, cavy poster, blue ribbon; Ryleigh Raabe, rabbit poster, blue ribbon; Conscious Stettler, chicken poster, medical kit for rabbits, two purple ribbons. Malachi Walter, chicken poster, cloverbud participation rosette.

• 4-H Static High Point 4-H Youth/Mayors Award: Senior: Emma Fretwell. Intermediate: MattieRose Johnson. Junior: Kaitlyn Hartley.