Obituary: Jackie Kearns

Obituary: Jackie Kearns

Obituary: Jackie Kearns

August 01, 1934 – October 13, 2017

First and foremost, Jackie Kearns was an educator.  She built and taught at schools in Africa as a member of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, expanded curriculum at Job Opportunities in Nevada (JOIN), taught at Great Basin Community College and the Humboldt Conservation Camp prison.

In Africa, Jackie championed schools for women where few girls are educated. Usually assigned to be the driver for her group, it was routine to hear her talk about waiting up to an hour for an elephant to cross the road before they could proceed.  While she had many adventures, her true focus was for the education of the young women.  She has left the family with artwork and letters from former students appreciative of her commitment to their education.

As Branch Manager of JOIN, Jackie focused on bringing young local women and men back to education to get their GED, if needed, and gain other skills in order to secure a job and move forward. In June, 2009, Jackie was officially recognized for her work with JOIN for “Making Things Happen” by the Mayor and City Council. For years, after she left JOIN, she often heard from former clients and their successes.  In fact, some of her former clients were part of her care team during her stay at Harmony Manor. She taught at the Humboldt Conservation Camp prison and administered the GED, because she believed that if prisoners were able to complete their GED, they’d be ahead when they were released.  

Jackie is survived by her sister, Kay Austin, sister-in-law’s, Diane Kearns and Norma Kearns and too many nephews/nieces and cousins to mention.  She is preceded in death by her parents, Velma and Chuck Kearns; and brothers’ Pat and Jim Kearns. 

A selfless soul, Jackie’s life was about advancing others.  In lieu of flowers, she would want a donation sent to the Winnemucca Domestic Violence Services at 50 Melarkey, Suite A, Winnemucca, Nevada.

We miss you and love you Aunt J!