New hospital administrator on the job

New hospital administrator on the job

New hospital administrator on the job

Humboldt General Hospital CEO Art Frable promised to be in Winnemucca and on the job by Nov. 1. He bested that by over two weeks and started Monday, Oct. 16. HGH’s board of trustees voted to approve Frable’s contract at a special meeting that day.

Frable presided over his first hospital board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. Brad Granath, said he very much enjoyed visiting with Art Frable this past week. Granath specifically mentioned the good tone that Frable is setting within the hospital and praised what he has seen so far of Frable’s vision and strategy.

The board and audience members took the opportunity, with smiles and applause Tuesday night, to express how they felt about Frable being on the job.

Frable also introduced his wife to the board and the audience, since she had not been feeling well and had not accompanied him when he came to Winnemucca for his interviews. “There have been some who wondered if she was real,” Frable joked.

Frable said he and his wife are very much looking forward to making themselves at home in Winnemucca and getting involved in the community.

He expressed appreciation for the reception he has already received locally. He noted he went to Monday’s Humboldt County Commission meeting and introduced himself to the commissioners.

Those at Tuesday night’s board meeting enjoyed Frable’s recounting of a story from his first week in Winnemucca. He said upon meeting one very nice woman, he told her that he and his wife were looking forward to making Winnemucca their home. The lady then asked where Frable worked. He said that when he told her he worked for Humboldt General Hospital, she commented, “I sure hope that new guy can make a difference.” He said he then told her he was the “new guy” and invited her to “write out what you think the differences need to be and share them with me.”

Hospital Board Chair JoAnn Casalez said the amount of work Frable has already accomplished in the seven days he’s been on the job has very much impressed her.

The Humboldt Sun will be interviewing the new CEO for an article in next Wednesday’s paper.