Halloween Safety Tips —

Halloween Safety Tips —

Halloween Safety Tips —

Halloween draws near: time for spooky fun, costumes and, of course, trick-or-treating! The yearly costume and candy cavalcade draws kids and adults alike to the streets and sidewalks. Here are some tips for safe candy collecting on All Hallow’s Eve, care of the National Safety Council.

• A parent or responsible adult should accompany small children.

• Children old enough to trick-or-treat without adult supervision should stick to a familiar, well-lit, route.

• Decide on a time to return home.

• Only trick-or-treat at a home with a porch light on. Never get in a vehicle or enter a house for a treat.

• Drivers should watch for pedestrians in the road, especially during and after twilight.

• Put reflective tape on costumes and bags to make sure they are visible.

• Trick-or-treat in a group, if possible.

• Keep a cell phone handy for emergencies.

• Stay on the sidewalk or against the curb between houses. Don’t walk in the middle of the road.

• Cross the street at safe crosswalk areas.

Also, consider trick-or-treating alternatives, like trunk-or-treats. But most of all, have fun and be safe.