4-H Club hosts first Halloween Party

4-H Club hosts first Halloween Party

4-H Club hosts first Halloween Party

Plans and preparations by dedicated volunteers have been underway for weeks so the Pershing 4-H Club’s first annual Halloween Party could be a frightening event. The party starts at 6 p. m. and ends at 8 p. m. on Friday, October 27 at the 4-H building in the Lovelock Industrial Park.

A Spook House and other essential Halloween decorations were already in place last week according to University of Nevada  Cooperative Extension (UNCE )Administrative Clerk Dixie McKay. However, the work goes on and volunteers are welcome to check it out and help finish the decoration project Wednesday or Thursday night at 6 p.m.

The party will feature the traditional Halloween activities and then some,  with costume contests and prizes for children and adults, a carved pumpkin contest, bobbing for apples, fish and duck ponds, a cakewalk, DJ music, dancing, a snack bar and maybe a few local dignitaries in disguise, McKay said.

Everyone is welcome to attend and the price is right at $2 per child, $3 per adult, $5 per couple and $7 per family, McKay said. Children under six years of age must be accompanied by adults.

“This is the first annual Halloween event and we hope it gets bigger and better as the years pass,” McKay said. “We’ve got the spook house and some lights up, 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and other decorations up. The 4-H Leaders’ Council is covering the costs and a lot of the 4-H kids are helping.”

A 4-H Club/UNCE committee recently conducted interviews to fill the vacancy for a 4-H Club Youth Development Coordinator to organize programs and events for the club that now has about 100 youth members, McKay said. 

The University of Nevada must approve the new coordinator as the part-time salary is shared between UNR and Pershing County according to UNCE Educator Steve Foster. 

“We’re still waiting to get the answer,” McKay said on Friday. “It’s been 18 days since we submitted our candidates and we haven’t heard anything yet. We made a selection and we’re waiting for them to approve the candidate. The person who was working with us quit that job and went on to a different state entity and everyone else is kind of passing us back and forth.”

Those interested in helping McKay with final preparations for the Halloween Party may contact her at 775-273-2923 or see her at the Pershing County Extension Office in the Lovelock community center.