Union Township Justice Court

Oct. 9

Jeremy Alan Ludlow pleaded guilty to charges of no proof of insurance. He was fined $600 + $140AA + $100 warrant fee + $100 late fee. He was given credit for 5 days jail time served. The balance of $440 may be paid or discharged through community service. Ludlow’s license suspension will be cleared when his fine is paid.

Oct. 10

At a bench trial, the case against Timothy Privett for allegedly operating a vehicle without a driver’s license was discharged after the court ruled that the county had not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Humboldt County DA’s office moved for a one-time dismissal of charges against Matthew William Cameron for first-offense domestic battery. 

Stanley James Cruz pleaded guilty and was fined — $250 + $105 AA for driving when privilege as nonresident is canceled suspended or revoked, fined $100 + $95 AA for speeding and fined $1,000 + $140AA for obstructing a public officer. The defendant was given $600 credit toward the fines and fees for six days already served in jail and the justice of the peace suspended the balance on condition no further violations.

Oct. 11

After negotiations between the defense and Humboldt County DA’s office, charges of trafficking in a controlled substance against Daniel Sinclair were dismissed upon his payment of restitution of $602.70. 

Charges against Jose Nicasio Nachiondo of intimidating a public officer were dismissed on a motion by the Humboldt County DA’s Office. In a separate case, Jose Nicasio Nachiondo pleaded guilty to obstructing a public officer. He was fined $1,000 + $140 AA. Fines and fees were suspended for six months on condition no further violations of the law other than minor traffic violations.

Oct. 12

David Albert Knight pleaded no contest to domestic battery. He was sentenced to 18 days at the Humboldt County Detention Center and given credit for 18 days already served. 

Oct. 13

Corinna Kristine Mullins was found guilty at a bench trial of permitting a dog to chase, worry, injure or kill domestic animals on open range or private property. She was fined $250 + $105 AA. The justice of the peace suspended the fines and fees on condition the defendant pay $100 in restitution and have no new violations within a six-month period. 

Vanessa Eileen Bill pleaded guilty to speeding, and was fined $25 + $50 AA. She also pleaded guilty to child restraints required and was fined $200 + $105 AA. The judge imposed a $100 warrant fee and a $100 late fee. Fines and fees were converted to 8 days already served in jail. 

Oct. 17

Carl Paul  Boecker pleaded no contest to a charge of convicted person failure to register. He was fined $500 + $140 AA. A second charge of first-offense domestic battery was dismissed as the defendant had complied with terms of deferred prosecution.