HCSO starts FEMA process

Counties look to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for help with expenses incurred when disaster strikes. In order to be eligible to apply for FEMA reimbursement through the State Department of Emergency Management (DEM), counties must have an updated and approved Hazard Mitigation Plan. 

Humboldt, Pershing and Lander Counties have a Tri-County Hazard Mitigation Plan in place currently — but it's time to begin the process of updating the plan to stay in compliance with FEMA requirements. Sheriff Allen said having an updated plan is not a guarantee that FEMA will send reimbursement. However, without a plan in place, there is no opportunity even to apply for help.

Allen was approached by the state DEM to take point on obtaining the grant for the the plan this go-round. Last time, Pershing County headed the effort. 

Allen asked the Humboldt County Commission for $10,000 — the local match to an $85,000 grant to pay a private contractor to update the plan. His office will write the application and do the administration for that grant. 

Pershing and Lander Counties will also contribute at the rate of $5,000 each. The higher contribution is paid by the county which takes the lead in securing the grant for the plan update, Allen said. When Pershing County took the lead for the last update, Pershing paid $10,000 and Lander and Humboldt each paid $5,000.

Humboldt County Commissioners approved the $10,000 request unanimously.