BMHS celebrates homecoming week

BMHS celebrates homecoming week

BMHS celebrates homecoming week

Battle Mountain High School (BMHS) celebrated the school’s homecoming all last week. Themed “Horns of Horror,” students competed in several events, with the senior class scoring the most overall points.

The week started on Monday, Oct. 9, with the students dressing up as angels and devils. The upper-class students wore red costumes while the lower-class students wore white costumes. The same day, each BMHS class painted the windows of local businesses in town to be judged later in the week.

Monday evening concluded with the ladies of BMHS taking the gridiron at Tim Knight Field for a Powder-puff football game. The game put together teams of sophomores and juniors in white against the senior and freshman classes in green.

The white team dominated the green team with a final score of 38-14. The green team was able to score some points at the end of the contest thanks to the help of a mystery player entering the game. The player later was later revealed to be senior powder-puff coach Mason “Macy” Fuller. The white team was helped to victory by junior Sruti Bhakta whose shifty speed led to three touchdowns for the white team.

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, BMHS students dressed up as their favorite clowns in recognition of “IT” day. The BMHS gymnasium was filled that night for he-man volleyball. The senior class took the title after defeating the freshman, sophomores and the high school staff team.

The junior class won first place for their window paintings around town, followed by seniors in second place, freshman in third and the sophomore class in fourth place.

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, no evening events were scheduled, but students dressed for school as zombies.

The next day, the theme was “Horns of Horror.” Students dressed up in the school colors of green, gold and white. Later in the evening, Battle Mountain Civic Center hosted a Vanities show, featuring lip-syncing, skits and a male dance competition.The senior class won the lip-sync battle and the skits, but the junior class won the male dance competition.

The homecoming parade was held Friday afternoon and each class created unique floats with a horror theme for each one. The freshman class won the float competition with a float designed to replicate the movie “The Ring,” featuring a ghost crawling out of television.

Battle Mountain resident and mother of a freshman, Alicia Price stated, “They better win. The kids busted their butt on that float.”

BMHS teacher Sandy Ayers stated on social media, “I would like to say how proud I am to be part of BMHS. Thursday’s assembly was one of the best that I have been at. Every class put on great performances and showed the best class and school spirit. They finished the week out with a very entertaining Vanities, an amazing parade with super cool floats.”

The alumni classes celebrated their high school reunions. These included the 10-year reunion for the Class of 2007, 20-year for the Class of 1997, 30-year for the Class of 1987, 40-year for the Class of 1977 and the 50-year for the 1967 Class. Several BMHS alumni returned to town for the week’s events and even weathered the cold wind at Friday night’s football game.

*Disclaimer Travis Masterson is a member of the BMHS alumni Class of 2007.