Plimpton steps down as BMGH board attorney

Plimpton steps down as BMGH board attorney

Plimpton steps down as BMGH board attorney

The Battle Mountain General Hospital’s (BMGH) legal adviser board of trustees Todd Plimpton has stepped down from his official public position. The board discussed the possibility of retaining him, but Plimpton stepped down before discussion concluded.

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, The board discussed the possibility of renewing the contract with the attorney and legal adviser Todd Plimpton. The board had several options: retaining, restoring or discontinuing the working deal. Recently, with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) being released from his contract and with former Chief Financial Officer Steve Boline resigning from his position, Plimpton said he felt some public anger and angst was directed toward him.

Plimpton stated, “It has been a pretty rough 60-days for sure, there has been good moments and bad. I do not know the preferences of the board, but I am willing to step down if it will help settle things down because I know a lot of angst has [been] directed towards me.”

Trustee Marla Sam replied, “I believe we all have had a rough 60-days... I think we all took our lickings and learned a lot from that and I believe you are our forward representative. I would like to retain you (Plimpton).”

Trustee Nancy Lockridge disagreed, and said “I think we should let Mr. Plimpton step down — and as he said, a lot of angst was directed at him. We have legal representation from the hospital, we can have legal counsel from the district attorney, and I honestly don’t think we need legal representation at every board meeting.”

Plimpton interrupted Lockridge and officially stepped down fromhis position as the board’s legal advisor. Plimpton noted he has a private practice and the public defender contract in town and would gladly accept an offer to return to the board again as a legal adviser.

After Plimpton stepped down from the board, he used public comment to comment on the board’s treatment of Boline, saying, “Steve Boline is one of my best friends and one of the best men I know. [He is] a superb, brilliant man and he did not deserve what happened to him for one second. He busted his butt for this hospital, and it breaks my heart what happened to him. It breaks my heart to see people he worked with take him out to the cleaners. I’ll take my licking, I have been here every time and stood alone and unafraid through that whole meeting. That is my public comment, and I appreciate representing you.”

Interim CEO Kathy Ancho in response to Plimpton said, “I have known Steve Boline since he was a kid and first went to work for NRHP (Nevada Rural Hospital Partners) and kind of raised him. Whatever happened to Boline the past six months to a year is anybody’s guess. This hospital didn’t mistreat Boline, and he left on his own volition.”

The board will no longer have a legal adviser attend board meetings. Instead, the board will use other avenues for advice on legal issues. The board and Plimpton left the door open for a reunion at some point in the future but will separate for now.